Three Illegal Alien Pedophiles Caught in Three Days In Texas


CNS News reported that three illegal aliens with criminals records involving sex crimes against children were arrested in three separate incidents in Texas.

Customs and Border Protection said that on Tuesday, Oct. 9, its officers in McAllen, Texas “arrested a Mexican national after he illegally entered the United States near Mission, Texas.” During his processing, records showed that the alien had been arrested previously for “indecency with a child” and had served a three-year prison sentence.

Also on Tuesday, Fort Brown CBP agents arrested a Mexican national near Brownsville, Texas. A records check showed the Mexican had been arrested in Greer, South Carolina, “for sexual conduct with a minor,” and had served a 12-year prison sentence.

On Wednesday, Oct. 10, CBP agents arrested a Salvadoran national near a border checkpoint. The Salvadoran had previously been arrested in Dallas for “aggravated sexual assault of a child,” said the CBP.

These are the people being protected by the open borders Democrats.

This is not unusual. It is much worse than you think.


North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement (NCFIRE) reports monthly on their website, listing each sex crime against children. In September alone, 9 illegal aliens were arrested for 16 child rape or child sexual assault charges in North Carolina. That’s one crime in one state in one month. Those are the ones who were caught. Multiply that by each state and consider that the sanctuary cities have many more of them.

The criminals don’t stay in their sanctuary locale, they travel around and they endanger all of us.

Check out the website, it’s an eye-opener and it should serve as a cautionary tale. Oh, and while you are at it, thank a Democrat for protecting these perverts.

We need an orderly system of immigration. Open borders do not work.

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