Three Kidnapped Women Found Alive in Cleveland – Updates


Gina and Arlene photo of Gina DeJesus and Arlene Castro

Update: 5/8/13: Michelle Knight, the first woman kidnapped, said there was another woman held captive with her but she disappeared. Four babies were born by these women but their fate is unknown. The police are now checking other properties and they are looking for bodies.

Michelle Knight has a hearing loss and broken facial bones from the severe beatings she suffered over the past ten years.

The girl who was originally held with Ms. Knight might be Ashley Summers, a local girl who has been missing for more than a decade.

Neighbors are insisting that they saw naked women in dog collars and leashes crawling around the backyard being abused but police didn’t come. The neighbors said the police either didn’t show or it was dismissed as a prank. The police have no record of the calls.

Police said that the girls were kept in a dungeon-like 760 foot basement with chains around their necks and waists. There were chains hanging down from the ceiling.

The brothers are undoubtedly sexual sadists.

Michelle Knight’s mother had a contentious relationship with her daughter before she disappeared and hopes to change that. There was an assault at school and Michelle had a baby she was forced to give up shortly before the kidnapping. Michelle’s mother said she never stopped looking for her.

Amanda Berry’s daughter was seen playing in the yard with the monster Ariel.

A neighbor said she saw a woman holding a baby in the attic window begging for help but the police never went into the home.

Ariel Castro was fired from his job as a school bus driver for making an illegal U-Turn with children in the bus. His house was in foreclosure.

The now-deceased mother of Amanda Berry received calls after her kidnapping from a man who said he wanted to make Amanda his wife. He promised to return her and then the calls stopped.


Update: 23:04: Gina DeJesus’ best friend was Ariel Castro’s daughter, Arlene.

The first abductee, Michele Knight, told police there was another woman in the house when she first got there.

In the basement, where they were held, RIP was written on the wall with the woman’s name underneath.

All this appears to have transpired in a 700+ ft basement apartment.

Ariel Castro’s son, Anthony Castro, said his father is a very controlling and violent man who nearly beat his mother to death while she was recovering from brain surgery.

Update: 18:30:  Ariel Castro’s daughter Emily is serving a twenty-five year prison sentence for trying to slash her 11-month old daughter’s throat when the girl’s father broke up with her. Read here at the Daily Mail. She suffers from mental illness.

Update: 13:17: Neighbors report that police went to Castro’s home at least twice after hearing pounding and women’s cries. On one call, the neighbor said she saw a naked woman crawling on the ground outside but the police saw nothing and did not go into the house.

The women have been pregnant up to five times but it is not known what happened to the other pregnancies.

Mugshots of the three freaks:


Update: 11:14 am: The names of the brothers who were arrested for the kidnapping are Ariel Castro, 52, who lived at the home, and his other brothers, Pedro and O’Neal, ages 54 and 50.

There was once a call to Castro’s home on a charge of abusing his wife. In January 2004, Castro left a child alone on his school bus. No charges were ever filed and it was believed to be an accident.

He wrote the following on his Facebook page, “The miracles really occur. God is good.” Like most narcissists, sadists, and sociopaths, Ariel lived two lives. He had a false visage to cover who he really was.

Original Story: Three kidnapped women and a six-year girl born to one of the women while imprisoned are now free after ten years of captivity.

They were held by former Cleveland school bus driver, Ariel Castro. He and his two brothers have been arrested. One brother lived in the house of horrors up until about a year ago.

amanda berry reunited with older sister Beth with daughter born in captivity

Amanda Berry, pictured centre, vanished at the age of 16 in 2003 outside a Burger King, her little girl aged six is being introduced to Amanda’s sister, Beth Serrano. The other kidnapped women are Gina DeJesus, who disappeared in 2004 aged 14 and Michelle Knight who vanished aged 20 in 2000.

Michelle Knight’s mother has been looking for her all these years. No one else was because it was believed she ran away. Gina DeJesus was kidnapped walking home from school; she was in a 7th grade special education class.

The girls were found in a home near where they were kidnapped. All were kidnapped on the same busy block of restaurants and stores. Even more oddly, the DeJesus family grew up with the Castro family and knew them casually. the DeJesus family doesn’t want to mention his name.

WKYC uncovered an article written by Ariel Castro’s son when Gina De Jesus disappeared:


Ariel Anthony Castro was a journalism student at the time. Sara Shookman, the wkyc reporter who uncovered the article ask Ariel “Anthony” Castro, 31, about it and he said, “This is beyond comprehension…I’m truly stunned right now.”

ariel castro
photo of the monster, Ariel Castro

The women were kept in the small basement of Castro’s home. Amanda Berry was able to escape with the help of the neighbor interviewed in the video above. The rescuer heard her screaming – he had the day off from work – saw her hand and kicked the door down to save her.

Heartbreakingly, Amanda Berry’s mother died in 2006 under stress over the loss of her daughter. She had given an interview with Oprah expressing her belief that her child was still alive.

Ariel Castro had been arrested for spousal abuse prior to the kidnapping. He was a musician who played base at one of the girl’s clubs and possibly knew the girl.

Castro’s uncle said he seemed like a “nice guy” but never wants to see him again. It’s unbelievable that he was able to keep them hidden all these years, he said.

Castro always went through the back door of his home, he kept lights off or didn’t have electricity, and at least one window was bordered up. Neighbors thought him odd but never suspected anything like this.

When the girls disappeared, Castro’s home, which is very close to the block where they were kidnapped, was one of the homes canvassed.

The girls have all been released from the hospital.


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