Jeb Bush is a very nice and intelligent man who by all accounts did a great job in Florida. But, and it’s a big “but”,  he couldn’t have been more clueless.

The Republican establishment and their fundraisers thought they were making a president, ignoring the existence of Donald Trump and his message. They raised over a hundred million dollars and without mentioning Bush’s name, anointed him as their candidate. They blew every dollar.

The establishment has allowed the Beltway to bury them in an unconstitutional way of doing business that has kept them in their jobs but has little to do with the common people.

Lindsey Graham is out saying we need a Rubio-Kasich ticket. Could he be any more wrong? Is it possible? Trump is winning and the only one who might have a chance to fight against him with his constitutional message is Ted Cruz.

We were all on to them of course but they are not on to themselves.


It isn’t hard to pinpoint the moment Jeb lost the election and this is it.

For those who gave him a second chance, he destroyed his chances again.


People who come here illegally come out of “an act of love.” He made that statement knowing that many come illegally for welfare and some come for terrorism and to deal drugs.


He said he would have invaded Iraq but it took him a week to say it. He then appeared to flip flop. His last name was already a problem.

It was flip flopping and failures to answer questions, it was his mild manner that gave Donald Trump the ammunition when he said Bush was a “low energy guy.”

People want a leader who sounds like he can win and will make dramatic, even drastic changes to the Obama machine created over the last seven years.

There were other things that added to the total picture like him praising Barack Obama and giving awards to Hillary she didn’t deserve but it was all over when he said he would win by losing the primary. In other words, he was going to win despite the conservative base, not realizing that is 60% or so of the party.

The sad thing is the establishment still doesn’t get it. They’ve lost the majority of their members and they had better stop worrying about compromising and working with Nancy Pelosi and start working with Trump and possibly Cruz. Rubio is not going anywhere because he’s the new establishment darling. There are rumors Mitt Romney will endorse him. That will be the kiss of death.


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