Three of This Week’s Most Evil Leftist Comments



Little Sisters of the Poor
Little Sisters of the Poor

Democrats invited members of the terrorist-tied Muslim organization CAIR to the State of the Union this past week but Planned Parenthood was outraged that three nuns from the Little Sisters of the Poor were invited by Speaker Paul Ryan.

Planned Parenthood is also upset that Rep. Steven King left a seat empty to represent the unborn.

They posted this during the president’s endless, partisan speech.

The Little Sisters are contesting the Obama administration requirement that requires the sisters to provide abortifacients for their employees though it goes against their core beliefs.

There is something inherently evil about making people violate their deepest religious beliefs, especially when the drugs are easily and cheaply gotten elsewhere. It is totalitarianism. It’s the government telling people what their beliefs can be.

Hillary Clinton Awarded The 2013 Lantos Human Rights Prize

Hillary Clinton unquestionably lied about what she said to the families of the Benghazi victims. Then she lied about what she told them. She accused the families of lying. This evil woman victimized the victims yet again. This is pure evil.

Tyrone Woods father wrote down what Hillary said at the time she said it. Three other victims’ families came forward and said the same thing.



Geraldo Rivera on Outnumbered again used his platform to manipulate the public. Geraldo allegedly became a Republican in 2009 after having voted for Obama.

He must be the worst Republican out there because all he does is insult them and cause them problems.


He was totally obnoxious on the show. He is obsessed with race, thinks we are a racist nation and calls Republicans racists for not wanting open borders and unvetted refugees. Geraldo, who grew up as Gerry and was raised Jewish, changed his name for expediency. He also worked for the alleged communist front group, the National Lawyer’s Guild.

Why he’s on Fox, is hard to understand.

This is one of the things he said on Outnumbered this week:

“I think, and his is just strictly my Constitutionally protected opinion—I know you’ll get mad at me but I think this—I think what is clear is that the nation was not ready for a black president. And I think the gross divisions we suffer right now in this country are, when you strip away everything else, the gun rights, terror and all the rest of it—what you have essentially is a nation divided between white people and everybody else in broad strokes.

“When you look at the groups that overwhelmingly favor the Democrats right now, the Asians, the Hispanics, the African-Americans, the Muslims, you see a nation where people have largely chosen up sides and if you strip away everything else, what you are going to find is a racial divide. It is the biggest, unaddressed issue. I think it is why we can’t deal with urban crime. It’s why we are dysfunctional in terms of the ability to be bilateral, bicameral, bipartisan.”

Harris Faulkner called him on it.

In this next clip, he makes yet another moronic statement. Listen to him rail against guns.

“Where are the feminists in this country?” Tantaros said. “This is something that every woman who believes in equal rights — real feminists would stand up and speak up and they’re not. I’ve checked the National Organization for Women’s web page. They’re not saying anything. And I ask, at what expense are we putting the safety of women in this country and around the world so we don’t look intolerant or … political correctness?”

“Let’s not exaggerate or make hysterical the possibility of this happening in the United States,” Rivera said.

Calling a common sense statement “hysterical” is manipulation. He knows it’s manipulation. Manipulation is evil.

Listen to how Tantarous gets him in the end.