Three Political Events Where The PEOPLE SPOKE!


Matt Bevin



Kentucky voted in a Republican governor, a tea party favorite, and a surprise win. Republican Matt Bevin is a wealthy businessman who rode around in a gold Escalade and told the people this is what he could do for them.

The people decided, not the establishment.



What’s good about this next one is the people decided, not the politicos or the courts.

Houston voted down the bathroom bill that would allow transgenders into ladies bathrooms. They voted it down out of fear of perverts taking advantage. Transgenders only have to say they are transgenders and not have gone through transgender surgery as they would have in the past.

Democratic Houston Mayor Annise Parker, who is gay, called the “bathroom bill” strategy a scare tactic.

The bill had received high-profile support from US President Barack Obama, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton and Apple CEO Tim Cook.

In May 2014, the Houston City Council initially approved the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, but a legal challenge forced the ordinance to go before voters for approval.

Houston is the largest city in the US without such an ordinance.



He finally paid the piper.

The San Francisco Sheriff at the center of the firestorm over Kate Steinle’s murder has been voted out by a wide margin, 63 to 31.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi had other negatives in his history. His driver’s license was briefly suspended for failing to properly report a minor accident while driving a department-issued car, and he also flunked a marksmanship test.

In November 2014, Mirkarimi was forced to apologize for the bungled search for a San Francisco General Hospital patient whose body was found in a stairwell weeks after she wandered from her room. The sheriff is in charge of the hospital’s security, but deputies didn’t search the building until nine days after her disappearance.

The Sheriff was once sentenced for domestic abuse himself. Goodbye Sheriff:



  1. Thank God that the majority of Houstonians (of which I am one), still believe that maleness and femaleness are objectively rooted in biology, and should be valued and affirmed, not rejected or altered. God created Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve!!

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