Three President Obama Lies for Thursday May 1st



The first lie focuses on Obamacare. We could say it is a gross exaggeration or we could call it a lie. You decide.

President Obama has been boasting that there are 8 million signed up for Obamacare with 40% of the enrollments being young people between ages 18 and 34. As it turns out only two-thirds of the people signed up for Obamacare have paid premiums. Insurance companies do not consider people insured until they have paid. In addition, only 25% of those signed up are between the ages of 18 and 34. This information comes from the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

Included in the numbers of enrollees are millions of Medicaid enrollees and people who were merely switching plans. They are not 8 million new enrollees.

Mr. Obama has delayed a lot of the worst parts of Obamacare until after the elections to hide how bad this law really is.

The second prevarication concerns terrorism as a threat. Al Qaeda is not dead as we have been told, it’s morphed.

In 2012, one of Mr. Obama’s election strategies was to claim Osama bin Laden was dead and al Qaeda was dead along with him. While many al Qaeda leaders have left, they are now part of the many and growing number of smaller affiliates. Terrorism increased 45% between 2012 and 2013.

Maybe it’s not a lie. Perhaps Mr. Obama didn’t know. He might not have gotten his morning paper that day. If you will remember, Mr. Obama said in reference to the IRS scandal that he gets his news along with everyone else from the newspapers.

Listen to the information from the terrorism report:

The best lie of the week, drum roll here, is the lie to cover up the cover up of Benghazi.

Through a FOIA request, Judicial Watch has secured emails dated September 14, 2014, two days after the Benghazi attack, that clearly show the Benghazi talking points lead directly to the White House.

Jay Carney is now claiming the emails are not the talking points and the emails received by Judicial Watch had nothing to do with Benghazi, even though the documents were specifically labeled Benghazi, mention Benghazi and refer to the Americans who died.

The emails were only turned over when they were FOIA’d again and again, and finally court ordered. In other words, they were covered up by the White House.

The CIA talking points were dated September 12th. They were repeatedly altered to make them more palatable to the public who were being told al Qaeda was dead.

Earlier this month, former CIA deputy director Michael Morell admitted, after previously lying about it, that he took the word “Islamic” out of the talking points. He also admitted that he knew the reports from the ground were that there were no indications whatsoever that the attack in Benghazi was linked to a protest video.

This suggests collusion between the CIA and the White House. Was there any collusion between the White House and the DNC? We need to know more.

Carney took another shot at Fox News while he was prevaricating Wednesday. Fox News is the only news service following this story. All the others have fallen in line with few exceptions. It must be difficult for the liberal journalists. They traditionally don’t like anyone telling them what to do and here they have to follow Mr. Obama in lockstep.

The emails were given specifically in response to a request for Benghazi documents and are most definitely connected to Benghazi. Read the hundreds of pages yourself. More information on this link.


Then again, it’s possible President Obama doesn’t know anything. He traditionally doesn’t know anything about anything and that is true of his key people as well.

Listen to Judge Jeanine:


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