Three Words That Show What’s Wrong With Democrats’ Thinking on Guns


A Tennessee gun store is offering an unusual discount on guns if the buyer is a Christian. It shouldn’t be long before the Freedom From Religion Foundation comes in screaming bias, but for now, the store owner is offering the discounts in the aftermath of the Oregon shooting. That brought out a Democrat Party Chairman who defined self-defense with a gun for us as “retaliation” and “promoting violence”. Those are the three words that explain how Democrats distort the gun debate.

That says it all.

Brant Williams

Brant Williams, the owner of Frontier Firearms says the mass shooting in Oregon prompted the sale.

“If Christians are going to be targeted, we need to protect ourselves,” said Mr. Williams. “The best way to protect yourself is with the best weapon available, and that happens to be a handgun.”

Williams said this is important because people are targeted for their beliefs. He doesn’t want to hide his faith.

“We can stand up and not worry about being shot for our beliefs, or maybe we can stand up and shoot back,” said Williams.

Cameron Brooks

One Democrat who claims he’s in support of the Second Amendment got it all wrong.

Cameron Brooks, Chairman of the Knox County Democratic Party, said, it should not be about “owning a gun and retaliation and promoting more violence in our society.”

He turned self-defense into “retaliation” and “promoting violence” and therein lies the ongoing problem with the Democratic narrative. Guns don’t promote violence and self-defense isn’t retaliation. Violent people beget violence.


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