Tides Foundation Outspends Koch 5 to 1


Ever hear of the Koch brothers?  If you’ve read a newspaper within the past ten years you surely have.  Over the years, Charles and David Koch have distributed millions of dollars from their corporate holdings to a number of conservative and Republican causes.  They are to conservatives what George Soros is to liberals – The Bank!

You should know about the Koch brothers.  And you should know about the Tides Foundation – the Democrat’s “bank”.

About the only image you’ll see relative to the Tides Foundation is Glenn Beck’s blackboard.

Mark Tapscott, Executive Editor at The Washington Examiner, has a piece published today that is a must read.

For example, did you know….

“Three Koch foundations made a total of 181 grants worth $25,405,525 in 2010 (most recent available records).  The one Tides Foundation made a total of 2,627 grants worth $143,529,590 in 2010.”

The simple math shows that the Democrat’s bank dished out Five times the amount of money as those horrible Koch brothers and that was in a non-presidential election year!

What’s that you say?  You’ve never heard of the Tides Foundation?  Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger.  Quite by design, the Tides Foundation is kept as the Democrat’s secret bankroll, while they and their media cohorts constantly bash the Koch brothers for their political support.

Read the entire post by clicking right here.

PS:  The Tides Foundation is just another name for George Soros.  You won’t hear or read that fact in the MSM.

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