Tillerson’s Syria Policy Looks Like Obama’s Syria Policy


The following summary comes primarily from Paul Mirengoff, who is one of three right-leaning lawyers writing at the Powerlineblog. He offers his considered and interesting opinion on the handling of the Syria situation. He especially points to potential problems having Rex Tillerson in charge of the State Department. We happen to agree with them but see what you think.

Mike Pompeo has an opposite opinion from Tillerson and both discussed it at a recent forum.

At the Aspen Security Forum, CIA Director Mike Pompeo discussed the U.S.-Syria situation. Josh Rogin at The Washington Post quoted Pompeo pointing out that our two main enemies in Syria are IS and Iran. We must destroy IS but we must also stop Iran from establishing hegemony in the region. It’s necessary for U.S. security.

Pompeo added that “we don’t have the same set of interests” in Syria as Russia does. What are Russia’s interests? “They love a warm water naval port and they love to stick it to America.”

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on the other hand says, “Russia has the same interests that we do in having Syria become a stable, unified place.”

That’s somewhat true but what is also true is the U.S. must limit Iran’s expansion and Iran has established satellite governing bodies in Syria.

Russia also has no regard for U.S. safety and Putin’s allies in Syria hope to destabilize the Middle East.

Tilerson’s top official in the mid-East, acting assistant secretary Stuart Jones said in Aspen that the U.S. has turned over security in Syria to the Russians since Putin is overseeing the ceasefire. He’s the rooster in charge of the henhouse. That is what Putin and Trump agreed to do.


This is a real test of the Russians ability to lead this process. The solution is to put this on the Russians and, if that fails, it’s a problem, Jones said.

Seriously? Does anyone actually believe Putin will act honorably? Anyone? This is as bad as Kerry putting Russia in charge of the destruction of Assad’s chemical weapons. It’s as bad as the Kerry ceasefire during which Russia bombed a hospital.

Trump is being played. As Pompeo said, Syria is central to Iran’s effort to establish the “zone of control” and that is antithetical to U.S. interests.

Jones even admitted at Aspen that Russia and her allies are using the cease fire for their purposes.

This won’t sit well with our allies in the region.

Trump is following Tillerson’s lead and that of the Deep State instead of Pompeo’s. He needs to reconsider and hopefully will soon.

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