Tim Bishop, Cd-1 Rep, Solves The Economic Problems Of Long Island

Tim Bishop, Representative


(On March 28th) Tonight, the Coram Civic Association held a meet the candidates night.There was also a presentation on the state of CD1  by
Representative Tim Bishop.
The candidates running for the 6th legislative district are R-Martin Haley and D-Sarah Ankel.
Elections take place tomorrow March 29th within the district. 

Mr Bishop described the current debt as a serious problem. He stated how a balanced budget must be attained, for without a budget resolution he is totally against the shut down of the government.He stated how vital it was for many employees to continue to be paid, due to the effect it would have on the local economies if that money was not there. He went on to say that any cuts in spending would hurt many of our local entities such as the Brookhaven Lab with over 900 layoffs as well as cuts in the science technology. This would also effect tourism through the low turnout levels for hotels, restaurants and shopping.
He then presented a plan which would help to solve the debt problem. It was relatively simple plan, no cuts and grow the economy.
Why we never thought of this is for others to figure out.
As for me it’s above my pay scale.

This is reporter Alex Hanson signing off.











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