Tim Bishop Helped Take a Trillion Dollars Out Of Medicare


Congressman Tim Bishop is one of the Democratic politicians running on ObamaCare. He also insists he is dedicated to preserving Medicare for seniors even though he voted to take almost a trillion dollars out of Medicare to pay for ObamaCare.

About 49% of Suffolk County likes ObamaCare according to at least one poll and Tim Bishop runs according to the polls.

We all know that Obamacare took over $800 billion dollars out of Medicare in future payments to doctors and hospitals and put in IPAB to control those payments. Bishop voted for that.

ObamaCare took about $150 billion out of Medicare Advantage. Bishop voted for that.

Since the Medicare system is on a path to bankruptcy, it is hard to see how this does not eventually force most seniors into the Medicaid type system offered by Obamacare or simply make Medicare into another Medicaid.

Bishop claims the bill just needs to be fixed. On the Campaign trail he praises the popular clauses and claims he is opposed to the unpopular ones. How clever!

He has not in four years, written one bill that would help fix ObamaCare – not one.

One unpopular clause he claims to be opposed to is the Independent Payment Advisory Board or IPAB.

The Independent Payment Advisory Board is set to begin in January 2015 though its full effects won’t be felt for several years.

Congressman Tim Bishop said it does not ration services to the elderly and the handicapped. He said he is opposed to it, but not so much that he demanded it be changed before passing ObamaCare.

It rations care indirectly.

IPAB will regulate payments to hospitals and doctors. That will result in rationing care unless you are one of those people who think they will work for nothing.

The American Medical Association strongly has opposed IPAB despite its overall support for the health reform law. The board would act when spending outpaces gross domestic product per capita plus 1%, a methodology that has drawn comparisons to the Medicare sustainable growth rate that helps determine physician pay. The SGR formula has been problematic for physicians, as it has called for Medicare rate cuts for the last decade that Congress has had to override.

Congressman Tim Bishop actively campaigned for, strongly advocated for, and voted enthusiastically for Obamacare. He is campaigning on it now, but only on the popular clauses. It’s a deceptive campaign tactic.

He claims he will help fix ObamaCare when the reality is that he hasn’t put up one bill to fix it since it was passed.

It was written by special interest groups who rarely interacted and it was written behind closed doors. It was only approved because congressmen were bribed and bought off.

Republicans were forbidden any involvement in the writing of the bill and are now being demonized for criticizing it.

Congressman Tim Bishop is running away from any of the unpopular reforms in ObamaCare that don’t poll well and IPAB is one of them. He did it in 2012 and it worked. What has he done about it since 2012? Nothing! He won’t put out a bill that will make him accountable.

In March, 2012, Tim Bishop’s PAC sent a flyer around insisting that he was opposed to the IPAB even though he voted for it. It was part of his election spiel. He is doing the same thing again though he has done nothing in the last two years to improve the situation.

Of the 8 million subscribers to ObamaCare – of whom Mr. Obama and Mr. Bishop brag about – 71% were added because of the expansion of Medicaid – the free and widely unpopular healthcare for the disadvantaged. Medicaid pays doctors and hospitals even less than Medicare does.

Bishop voted for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA aka Obamacare) and he knowingly voted for IPAB and he voted against a bill that would have eliminated it.

Under sections 3403 and 10320 of Obamacare, the Independent Payment Advisory Board [IPAB] was established. It is a 15 member rogue agency of bureaucrats who operate without any oversight or controls. They are appointed by the Executive and are answerable to no one.

IPAB is a rogue government within a government.

They are bureaucrats who don’t need any medical background. Their sole job is to achieve savings in Medicare and the only way that is going to happen is through rationing.

If Tim Bishop didn’t want an IPAB, why did he vote for Obamacare which clearly establishes one? Why did he not utter one word of dissent at the time? He is now claiming he read the bill, so he can’t plead ignorance.

Perhaps Tim was hanging out with Nancy Pelosi too long – she said you have to pass the bill to know what’s in it.

Bishop supported HR 452, the Medicare Decisions Accountability Act of 2011, which eliminated IPAB. Govtrack gave it an 8% chance of passing. Bishop knew it hadn’t a prayer of passing and he was up for re-election at the time. It was a good soundbite.

Another bill passed the House in March 2012 which he did not vote for because in addition to eliminating IPAB, it added tort reform with a limit he couldn’t live with.

Why didn’t he submit his own bill? Is it because in twelve years, he’s only written two bills?

He doesn’t care about seniors when it counts but pretends the opposite is true.

Bishop has been telling voters in his congressional district that the Republicans won’t work to change ObamaCare to make it better. They didn’t want Republicans involved when it passed and they don’t want them now unless they vote the way they say to vote and write bills they say they can write.

Republicans don’t want to blindly obey and do what he, Nancy Pelosi, and President Obama want.

Regardless of whatever meager efforts he claims he’s made, Bishop voted for ObamaCare. He voted for a bill that has serious negative repercussions for senior citizens. He has never written a bill to change that.

Up until two weeks ago, Bishop was still saying if you want to keep your doctor, you can keep your doctor, if you want to keep your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan.

The Sentinel Gives Tim Bishop its four Pinocchio rating – coveted by unabashed liars everywhere – for his faux concern for seniors. It’s just not true when you look at his voting record. He voted to take a trillion dollars away from seniors to fund ObamaCare.




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