Tim Bishop, Infiltrating High Schools With Propaganda



Tim Bishop, CD-1 Congressman from Long Island, spoke to a Smithown high school class about his sympathy for the Occupy Wall Street movement.

I wonder if I will ever see his own children on Wall Street, sleeping in filth, having sex and drugs in the open, all while children and tourists pass by. Will Tim Bishop’s children become OWS and protest what their father claims to disdain though he himself is upper class?

This Tim Bishop is the same Tim Bishop who was disgusted by the Tea Party, which was comprised of people who, from all accounts, bathe, don’t commit violent crimes, and want limited government. None of those things should be offensive to any American.

On the topic of Occupy Wall Street, Tim Bishop held the company line when he spoke to the advanced placement students at Smithtown High School West.

“It’s emblematic of the sentiment of our country,” he said. “There is an enormous disparity in income in our country.”

Bishop said corporate profit is at an all-time high and payroll compensation at an all-time low.

“That’s two Americas,” he added. “That’s why we’re struggling to claw our way out of a recession.”

The bigger reasons we are clawing our way out of a recession are the job-killing regulations and wild spending.

The following video appears to have been taken through a door opening though I don’t know. From my personal experience, I have found that Bishop doesn’t like to be videotaped. He likes to keep his plausible deniability. I tried to videotape him a couple times at townhall meetings and his people bullied me, stood in front of me, and told me to stop.

In this video of part of the class session, Tim Bishop plays up the class warfare while pretending otherwise. Bishop blames Exxon Mobil for teacher layoffs when in fact Exxon has nothing to do with school budgets – Bishop set up a straw man argument, which is propaganda. Actually, the Governor cut the LI budgets and he cut them considerably more than he cut other school budgets throughout the state.

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