Tim Bishop Voted to Take Your Healthcare Choices out of Your Hands


Incumbent Tim Bishop is the representative for CD-1 on Long Island. He is also a rubber stamp for President Obama.

He voted for Obamacare, agreeing that taking $500 billion out of Medicare is a good idea. He keeps voting for IPAB, even though he has publicly said he is opposed to it.

IPAB is the armpit of Obamacare.

For those who don’t know what IPAB is. It is the Independent Payment Advisory Board, a 15 member panel of “experts” appointed by the Executive Branch, operating under their sole jurisdiction. These experts are supposedly going to be free of corruption and political baggage.

IPAB is Obama’s Big Government solution to rising Medicare costs. When costs hit a certain threshold, IPAB kicks in. The IPAB will supposedly control expenses. The only way IPAB can control costs is by rationing. Since IPAB can’t – by statute  – “ration,” they will slash reimbursements for whatever they see fit, which will force companies to ration.

Instead of restructuring the dated ’60’s Medicare program, Obama added another ruling government body that answers to no one but the Executive.

Those 15 people will make our healthcare decisions for us by indirectly or directly cutting funds for illnesses and medications they believe should be cut. Seniors and the seriously ill best watch out – let’s face it, you’re not cost effective.

Please consider voting for Bishop’s opponent, Randy Altschuler, who is running on the Independent, Republican and Conservative Party lines. He will vote against Obamacare and the IPAB. At least check it out and be informed.

I desperately want to get rid of Obamacare – it is a bad bill. My doctors agree with me.

We could have covered the 10 million uninsured a lot cheaper and without passing a 2700 page bill filled with taxes and regulations (that’s not counting the 18,000 pages or rules they’ve written and continue to write.)

[Read about IPAB here or here.]


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