Tim Bishop’s “Damn Good Job”=$5,346 Less Per Family


In his first debate against State Senator, and Major in the Army Reserves Lee Zeldin, Tim Bishop defended his 12-year stint in Congress by pretentiously saying, “I’ve done a damn good job….”.

Maybe Mr. Bishop is reflecting on the years under George Bush, because things have not gone well for the country in general, and his constituents in particular, since his party, led by Barack Obama took over in 2009. Bishop represents a very large swath of Suffolk County, Long Island. The most recent census stats, apparently unread by Tim, clearly show the last few years have been particularly unkind to his CD 1 residents.

Let’s look at the poverty rates in Suffolk County since the Democrat take over:

2009- 5.3%

2013- 7.3%

2 Points Higher

Well maybe it’s gotten a lot better over the last year. Maybe the trend is improving

2012- 6.9%

2013- 7.3%

Nope. Still decidedly on the wrong track.

Next up is Suffolk County Median Family Income:

2009 – $90,785

2013 – $85,439

 2013 – $5,346

Less Median Family Income

Well, maybe it’s gotten a lot better over the last year. Maybe things are finally turning around.

2012- $87,359

2013- $85,439

2013 – $1920

Less Median Family Income

Nope. Another substantive drop in Median Family Income

That Tim Bishop, who constantly lectures listeners about being both in touch with every corner of his district and a strong advocate for his constituents, can be so arrogantly out of touch with the people’s genuine needs and day to day lives is stunning. Poverty rates are up, big time, and median family incomes are down well over $5,000, yet the 6 term congressman thinks…..

Given Bishop’s upside down view, CD 1 residents better hope this detached pol doesn’t get another couple years to do any more “good”.

Check out the Riverhead debate with Sen. Zeldin and Congressman Bishop:


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