Tim Kaine, Bad Catholic, Good Marxist



People seem confused over whether Tim Kaine is a good Catholic or a Marxist. He’s not a good Catholic but he does appear to have a Marxist bent. The evidence is strong for both characterizations.

When he is out on the campaign trail, Tim Kaine has emphasized his Catholic religion and his nine months of charitable work with the Jesuits in 1980-1981 though he has made it clear he will support abandoning a law that prevents abortion to the moment of birth. There is nothing acceptable about that for Catholics.

He also has a Marxist bent and will lie for his cause, whatever it is.

In 1980, radical revolutionary priest Fr. James Carney met with Tim Kaine who traveled by bus and walked miles to meet him after searching for him. He has spoken highly of him and his time with him.

The priest was a member of a Communist band of revolutionaries at a time when President Ronald Reagan was sending financial aid to the freedom fighters. The group was led by a Ché Guevara soldier Reyes Mata.

Carney subscribed to the Communist religious doctrine of Liberation theology and traveled with a Cuban-trained Communist guerilla group who were trying to overturn the country’s government. He was a self-described “good Marxist”.

In 1983, the Communist guerilla priest, exiled from the Catholic church, was thrown to his death from a helicopter by a Honduran death squad.

In his autobiography, he wrote, as any true believer would that “thanks partially to the Marxist criticism of religion, the Holy Spirit has finally been able to lead many present-day Christians to an understanding of the gospel of Christ and the ‘good news for the poor’ about their liberation from the yoke of exploitation.

It is alarming to know that while in Honduras Tim Kaine embraced the radical interpretation of the gospel, liberation theology. That version of theology at the time was full-blown communism and is believed to have originated with the Soviets.

Soviet and East German archives show “active measures” were undertaken to undermine the Vatican and the pope which were key barriers to a Soviet influence in Latin America. Liberation Theology itself is believes to have been formed out of the Kremlin disinformation campaign. The top-ranking Soviet Bloc defector of the Cold War, Gen. Ion Pacepa admits that he was personally involved in the operation.

These documents are found in books by the former Associated Press Berlin bureau chief, John Koehler, and Professor Christopher Andrew in the Mitrokhin Archive data published by Cambridge University.

Tim Kaine developed a pro-Soviet, hardcore, Marxist ideology rejected by the Catholic Church and to the United States.

It wasn’t only his extensive efforts to meet with a Soviet-tied revolutionary priest, it was the Jesuits he was ensconced with. The Jesuits were arrested for gunrunning the year he was there and the Honduran government had to ban all American Jesuits from coming into Honduras because of their left-wing activism.

Kaine must have known what he was getting into when he signed up with the JVC [Jesuit volunteers] for missionary work. He was a graduate of a Jesuit preparatory high school and knew that the Jesuits were involved in operations on the fringe of the Catholic Church and in support of the enemies of the United States of America.

He stepped into a Communist revolution that the Jesuits were engaged in on the wrong side. Reports indicate that in Honduras, “Mr. Kaine embraced liberation theology.”

That was at the time they expelled Fr. Carney, the priest Kaine made extensive efforts to meet.

Kaine was opposed to the US involvement in the region which was aimed at stopping the spread of this Marxism.

Kaine was upset by US involvement and the death of the priest but not of the Communist insurgency invading Honduras.

It is odd too that at the beginning of Barack Obama’s term, when the Hondurans kicked out their Socialist president who was trying to destroy their Constitution, that both Hillary, then-secretary of state, and Barack Obama fought with the Honduran coup leaders to bring the Socialist back under the guise of his being the rightfully-elected president, just as they did with dictator Mohammad Morsi in Egypt.

The Nicaraguan Sandanistas, who Kaine was affiliated with, were founded by the KGB operative Carlos Fonseca. They were greatly supported by the Cubans, Soviets, and East Germans. They were brutal, killing or jailing any dissenter as a political prisoner. They hacked opponents to death, flayed them alive or sexually assaulted them in front of family members.

The Reagan administration and the Catholic Church blocked them from succeeding.

The Communist tie to Kaine continued in his relationship with Carney’s successor, Father Melo which is vibrant to this day and it’s out in the open. Melo wanted to redistribute all land throughout Latin America.

Kaine always calls himself a moderate but he has always ruled from the left. He ran as a committed Catholic, gun-owning, tax-averse Democrat. However, his record in government is quite the opposite.

When the Little Sisters of the Poor were told they had to provide abortifacients and birth control, Kaine stood with Obama against them.

He is also anti-Israel.

Tim Kaine is the darling of the anti-Israel organization J-Street. Founded in 2008 by George Soros and Hillary Clinton’s campaign director John Podesta, J-Street goes by the motto “pro-Israel, pro-peace,” and has been described by liberal attorney Alan Dershowitz as being neither pro-Israel nor pro- peace. One of the group’s founders Daniel Levy has been quoted as saying the creation of Israel in 1948 was wrong.

J-Street gave Kaine’s campaign $133,382 and was the second largest donor between 2011-2014.

In one speech to J-Street, he said, “There is no organization no NGO in the United States now that so stands for the values of diplomacy as J-Street”

He boycotted Bibi Netanyahu and had no comment when it became known that Obama sent his campaign manager to Israel to help defeat Netanyahu.

He’s weak on terror and while serving as governor, he appointed Muslim American Society (MAS) President Esam Omeish  a radical to the state’s immigration commission. Omeish was kicked out of the Muslim Brotherhood he was so bad, even for them. Read more about Kaine on this link.

In 2016, we have a Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, a supporter of the revolutionary organizations, the SDS and the Weathermen Underground, who spent the summer of 1969, working for a radical law firm in Oakland.

Renowned journalist Carl Bernstein, reported:

“That summer she [Hillary] went to work at the most important radical law firm in America at that point: Treuhaft, Walker and Bernstein in Oakland. They defended the Panthers. Two of their partners were members of the Communist Party—including Bob Treuhaft, who was married to Jessica Mitford. I talked to Bob Treuhaft not long before he died, and he said he was certain that Hillary came there because she subscribed to some of the kind of law they practiced and the kind of clients they defended. In her so-called autobiography, “Living History,” she put in a couple of sentences about living in Berkeley with Bill that summer and working at that law firm, but she makes it sound like their work focused on postal rate increases. There’s not a word about radicals.”

Hillary Clinton’s mentor was none other than Saul Alinsky, the left wing revolutionary and ‘community organizer’ who wrote Rules for Radicals.

If Hillary isn’t bad enough, then there is Tim Kaine.

It is not surprising that Hillary Clinton chose Kaine to be her running mate. In 2013, she gave a rare political endorsement to another Marxist sympathizer, Bill de Blasio, for mayor of New York.

Clinton tries to position herself as the champion of the poor, but under Marxist/Socialist governments, the poor always come out on the short end of the stick, the middle class loses power, and the ruling class lives like monarchs.

Should Hillary be elected, we will have 16 years of hardcore Socialist rule who will move the country incrementally left. It’s a dynasty, possibly of well-intentioned Marxists, but it will be one the Kremlin would be proud of. It’s not Trump we have to worry about.








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