Time to Go? Speaker Ryan Doesn’t Have a Detailed Plan to Pass Trump’s Agenda


Speaker Paul Ryan said he had a detailed plan to pass Trump’s agenda but that’s not what we are seeing. Ryan apparently can’t get healthcare or tax reform passed.

He doesn’t have a tax plan the Senate and the White House can live with. The House says they are driving the tax train, but the White House has clearly stated they are and are doing it with their own team.

“The House has a (tax reform) plan but the Senate doesn’t quite have one yet. They’re working on one. The White House hasn’t nailed it down,” Speaker Ryan said.

Ryan wants a border tax but the Senate says there aren’t ten senators who would vote for it and Trump won’t sign a bill with a border tax at this point. Yet, Ryan is STILL considering a border tax. Why?

Not only that, the Republicans are looking at carbon taxes, still considering border taxes, and other Value Added Taxes (VAT) taxes. Isn’t this what we’ve been fighting all along? Maybe this is why they didn’t fight the Democrats harder, they wanted this too?

The plan that Ryan (R-Wis.) and his colleagues in the House have put forward would not substantially reduce taxes for the middle class, and many households would pay more. Taxpayers with roughly average incomes could expect a tax cut of around $1,100 a year under Trump’s plan, compared to just $60 under Ryan’s plan once the proposals were fully implemented.

After a decade, 99.6 percent of the tax relief Ryan proposed would have accrued to the wealthiest 1 percent of the country.

Ryan is also not sure they can even rewrite tax code.

The markets didn’t respond well.

Speaker Ryan didn’t have a healthcare plan either and now Rep. McHenry is saying we have to keep the core of Obamacare.

I’m in a nightmare. This can’t be true. If Ryan can’t pass tax reform or healthcare reform, maybe it’s time for him to go.

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