Time Mag: Free Speech Is a “White Male Obsession”- Especially in the “Techno-Moral Universe”


On Friday, Time Magazine’s national correspondent Charlotte Alter called Elon Musk’s push for free speech a “white male obsession,” in an article for Time titled, Elon Musk and the Tech Bro Obsession With ‘Free Speech”.

To Alter, it’s an entrepreneurial way to gain influence and power. Specifically, she wrote, free speech is an “obsession of the mostly white, male members of the tech elite.”

Uh, no, Charlotte, it’s the 1st Amendment of the Bill of Rights of our Constitution. Most Americans are obsessed with it. Well, maybe not Democrats.

College free speech zone

She can’t understand why Musk would care so much.

At one point, she writes, “Freedom of speech” has become a paramount concern of the techno-moral universe. The issue has anchored nearly every digital media debate for the last two years, from the dustup over Joe Rogan at Spotify to vaccine misinformation on Facebook.

She wonders why.

She quoted professor of communication at Stanford University Fred Turner to answer the question. He said, “It does seem to be a dominant obsession with the most elite. [F]ree speech seems to be much more of an obsession among men,” and part of “the entrepreneurial push: I did it in business, I did it in space, and now I’m going to do it in the world.”

Uh, yeah, no, it’s about the Constitution.

She also claimed that Musk’s idea of free speech is about the right to spread “disinformation.” According to her, it has nothing to do with the Founding Fathers’ original intent.

Alter suggested that Musk should have put his $44 billion into something more worthwhile than his version of ‘free speech’. Alter can’t write free speech without putting it in single quotes.

The anti-free speech operative wrote:  “They say that something is worth what someone will pay for it. If that’s true, then protecting ‘free speech,’ which Elon Musk has cited as a central reason he agreed to buy Twitter for $44 billion this week, may be worth twice as much as solving America’s homelessness problem, and seven times as much as solving world hunger.”

She added, “It’s worth more (to him, at least) than educating every child in nearly 50 countries, more than the GDP of Serbia, Jordan, or Paraguay.”

Huh? Is that like, eat your dinner, children in China are starving?

Alter lives in a leftist world and it is the only truth. She once said Barack Obama and Pete Buttigieg made voting an act of love. We don’t sense the love, just the totalitarianism.

Keeping up with left-wing fake news is like drinking water from a fire hose. Alter is no different with her illogical rationalizations and red herrings.

If one Amendment falls, all will fall. We must fight for Bill of Rights.

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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
1 year ago

Talking to these Marxist dullards is an absolute waste of my time on earth.

Frank McCarthy
Frank McCarthy
1 year ago

Universe to Time mag can we leave race out of it for once?
And when will it occur to Y’all to stop the fashionable shaming f “White folks.

1 year ago

So is Freedom of the Press a white male obsession, as well?

1 year ago

The abject stupidity of these so-called ‘progressive’ agitators is beyond belief. This is what you get when you pretend to educate people who should never have been promoted beyond the skill of a dish washer or ditch digger. They are incapable of logic, ignorant of history, and beyond rescue from their stupidity.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 year ago

So what that feminist is saying is that when women demanded the right to vote, that was white males being obsessed with free speech.

and before that,when women were not allowed to speak without their husband’s permission, and fought to have the right to speak, that was white males being obsessed with free speech.

Like I said the other day, feminists are usually very unintelligent. Certainly not intelligent enough to see they contradict themselves every 5 minutes.

Another thing she is not intelligent enough to see is that before Elon Musk bought Twitter, the people who owned Twitter also had BILLIONS of dollars that they were NOT using to help the poor and the downtrodden.

And right now Google, Facebook and other tech giants, they are not using those billions to feed the poor.

but she is too unintelligent to see it….or to even know about such things.