Time to Call for An End to Black Lives Matter As It Currently Operates


The Black Lives Matter group was founded on a lie and continues on deceitful statistics, ignoring the very data that does matter. It is anti-white and anti-police to those of us who have had first-hand experience with them.

It is lawless and no one is stopping their lawlessness. Law and order does matter.

This group serves as a distraction from Hillary Clinton’s weak candidacy. They act as Obama’s and Hillary’s red shirts.

We have empowered people who shot at police stations in several cities over the weekend including Chicago. The wrong message has been sent.

New York’s communist mayor thinks highly of the group as does his wife.

His wife said – remarkably – “Black lives matter is a for good. It’s about peaceful protests. It’s about shining a light on the problems that we have in race relations across this country. We’ve had a history of it. It has not gone away, but we haven’t had enough positive action taken on making change. I am very encouraged by the black lives matter movement. I think that this is such a force for good, to have so many young people and older people too, engaged and being civically minded and participating in the conversation of our country is so important.”

If there is one thing it isn’t, it’s peaceful.

Whenever the left wants to take control of an issue or another pillar of society, they create a crisis and then find the solution to the problem that doesn’t exist. They have done that in an effort to federalize our local police.

The police killing blacks is not the problem it is being portrayed to be but they will use it to get what they want and distract us from the failings of our current leadership.

The statistics:

A Scholar Explains Why Black Lives Matter Is One of the Most Dangerous Movements in America


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