Tiny Tots Football Team Fined $500 for Playing Too Well


A youth football team of 5, 6, 7 year-olds were beating their competition handily with 30 points over the other team and then a five-year-old went for it — another touchdown.

His coach was actually running along the sidelines trying to dissuade him from scoring, but the little guy kept going for it and he did it — he scored. That should have been a joyous moment.

That will cost his team $500.

There is a rule that they can’t have too big a win because it might embarrass the other team.

They can’t play really well, only okay.

On Saturday, the Conshohocken Golden Bears were doing really well, up 30-0 in a game against Roxborough.

At that point, Golden Bears head coach Kyle Williams says he advised a referee to throw a flag on the next play.

“Can you throw a flag? It’s less than two minutes — just in case anything happens, and it didn’t go that way,” Williams said.

A 5-year-old player on the Golden Bears ended up in the endzone, scoring a touchdown and violating a league rule against blowout games.

“There’s a 31-point rule that every organization, every team has to abide by. We violated that rule,” said Mike Mikalonis, president of the Conshohocken Bears.

And with that comes a potential fine of $500 for the team by the Keystone Sports League.


Former Philadelphia Eagle Torry Smith took to Twitter on the matter and has since gone viral, writing in one tweet: “Kids need to learn how to deal with failure. Don’t want to get smashed? Play better.”

Parents who largely support the coach suggested if a league doesn’t want a blowout, just end the game at the 30-point lead.

The Golden Bears have a hearing on Monday where they will find out if that $500 fine will be required.

The league president indicated that other penalties may be handed down.

Other penalties! Really.



  1. unfreakingreal…these kids need to know about failure as a part of growing up…don’t give trophies for everyone, only the best ones

  2. If you want to end a game early due to score fine. Just teaching kids to quit when it get ugly. However learning involves failure, some of the best lessons come from devastating failures.

  3. The people making these rules, are people who never played sports. If they did, they would realize you learn more from losing than you do from winning.

    • Maybe they did play…. on the losing team. Apparently they did not learn that losing should only want to make you play better.
      Shame on the so called adults that made this stupid rule.

  4. Life is a game…There are winners, who run the world, and there are losers, who don’t…The children should learn this at a very early age…Like the man said, “If you’re getting your ass handed to you, on a plate…Learn to play better…”

  5. To whom would this fine be paid? Do the league administrators put this money in their personal bank account(s) or does this Tiny Tots league have an account for fines?

    What does the person or group do with this money?

    If the coach/team (rightfully) just refuses to pay it….what then?
    Does the Tiny Tots league ban these kids from playing?

    This whole thing is ridiculous.

  6. Is this is the liberal agenda: disincentivize excellence, so eventually everybody is just mediocre — and easier to manipulate? Sounds like a natural transition into socialism.

  7. As a 24 year coach in youth sports I can assure you from experience that it is more embarrassing to have an opponent stop playing hard because they are beating you by some fantasy driven score limitation than for them to beat you by the score they deserved to have. Kids know the truth and will be damaged more by being “protected” without being respected.

  8. The First Lady started the “Be Best” movement. Too bad that it conflicts with the snowflake makers. Congratulations to the 5 year old athlete.

  9. Doesn’t anybody remember the goodness that football coaches like Lombardi brought to the game and players?! What the heck is happening to this country!!?

    Snowflake training in progress. Rev and civ war will soon be upon us.

  10. Great job kids!!! Y’all kicked butt and took names! Hey, kiddo who made the last touchdown, grow up strong, brave (to bend or break the rules), be smart in your life, and prove to the world that you can do better than the people who make the rules. Some rules are meant to be broken, it’s wise to make those winning attempts, and wiser to be better than the generation before. Prove everyone wrong, and have fun, or it eventually turns to work. Don’t let them tell you work isnt supposed to be fun. In event that it does; it’s time to move on and do something else.

    Congratulations again team!

  11. Man oh man, I am glad I moved away from PENNSFOOLVANIA, thank the lord there are still Real American states left, NOT sick with LOONIE LEFTIE think !

  12. getting blown out is an encouragement to get better. maybe one team practiced and the other laid around and didn’t do much of anything…..it shows…..embarrassment is the outcome!!!

  13. Stupid, stupid, stupid. How do you explain to a 5 year old that even though you worked hard in practice, you can’t score because you might hurt the other teams feelings….. Get over it and play better….

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