Tlaib says Americans didn’t elect her & feels most Palestinian when in Congress


“Fellow Americans didn’t elect her,” socialist/communist Rep. Rashida Tlaib said recently, “don’t think” that! In fact, she feels more Palestinian in Congress than when she is anywhere in the world. She told her receptive audience that she is also very focused on getting President Trump deposed.

None of that should come as a surprise. She hates capitalism and she identifies with the entire victimhood mentality the hardcore leftist Democrat Party now espouses.

“But I’m more Palestinian in the halls of Congress than I am anywhere in the country, in the world…” Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) said that she never felt more Palestinian than she does in the halls Congress while addressing the Michigan Coalition for Human Rights on Sunday.

“You know myself, Ilhan [Omar], and all of us, we watch that people are policing what we say,” Tlaib said. “‘What do you mean by that Rashida? Do you condemn this?’ I was like, ‘I don’t know, did you condemn that?”

“Honestly, I never felt more Palestinian than I ever felt in Congress. Even in Palestine when I’m visiting my grandmother I’m more American,” Tlaib said. “But I’m more Palestinian in the halls of Congress than I am anywhere in the country, in the world. And that just tells you, just the fact that they weren’t ready for us, they really weren’t. But we were ready for this.”

Why is she in a U.S. Congress if she feels Palestinian and thinks Americans didn’t elect her?

She is spreading a great deal of disinformation in the nineteen-minute speech below. Whether she’s a liar or ignorant, or both, we can’t say.

The President, who does not take a salary, divested his businesses and has lost a great deal of money as President. Rashida suggests he didn’t — she wants him to sell all his businesses.

Tlaib also took time to bash ICE as “militants”. The congresswoman from Michigan wants to abolish the agency and lied about them, claiming the border is “militarized.” If that were true, we wouldn’t have a 100,000 a month pouring in — and those are only the ones we catch.

The angry Marxist said the border control issue is about getting Trump elected (about 11:00 on the mark) and white nationalism. Her most dramatic moment came when she nearly cried as she lied, falsely claiming the kids coming through the border are held down by border agents and injected with drugs.

  • Please go the eff back to Palestine, where they would probably tell your husband to beat you up if you thought of running for office and mouthing off to them.

  • Tlaib, Omar and Cortez are latest and most glaring examples why just being elected to hold office should not be adequate for holding that office. Every candidate should go through a basic secret clearance background check before entering OUR Congress. And sitting members should go through that check too. If they fail and would not be granted a basic secret clearance then they should not be allowed as members of OUR Congress. And before you ask, it was somewhat anal but I held that clearance until it expired.

  • This woman should never have been allowed to be seated in Congress. Since she has been, then her comments appear to me to be grounds for arresting her for treason and/or sedition. We cannot allow her to continue to have any voice in making the laws for people she holds so little respect for.