To Be Fair, Montel Williams Must Want Shoot to Kill Orders in Ferguson and Baltimore Too



By Montel Wiliams’ standards, we should give shoot to kill orders in Baltimore, Ferguson and Occupy Wall Street – to be fair. He set the standards with his recent tweets.

Montel Williams called for the slaughter of the militia in Oregon and especially the Bundys, particularly Ammon Bundy who is the leader of the band who took over a dinky building in a bird refuge on land with no population for many miles that once held farms and ranches. There were homesteads on the land before the government bullied the owners out of their lands.

That doesn’t mean the Bundys have the right to take over a government building and frighten people by saying they are ready to fight. I’m angry with the Bundys for taking this approach and actually hurting the cause which is just.

The government owns incredible amounts of land and they want much more. What the government has been doing to force owners to sell has been brutal and abusive. The courts have sidled up to them and their tainted cases. Farmers can’t afford to keep fighting them and the government wins.

Government owned land


Montel did not support the violent behavior in Ferguson, Baltimore or Wall Street to be fair but he didn’t call for their deaths as he did this week in the Bundy-militia case in Oregon.

We’ve chronicled some of his attacks by Montel and his current position.

A Montel retweet from one of his Richard Nixon accounts:

In fairness, he qualified his statements today.

Funny that he has mock-Richard Nixon accounts. Nixon might have actually agreed with him on this issue.

The Bundys are not terrorists. Al Qaeda are terrorists. Al-Shabaab are terrorists. The San Bernardino killers were terrorists. The KKK and Aryan Nation are terrorists.

The Bundys won’t accept court rulings and won’t pay their grazing fees which they need to do but they have a reason, valid or not. The grazing fees have been used to push our farmers and ranchers, the courts side with the government no matter how unfair, forcing them to sell their lands. It’s understandable that they are upset but the method they’ve chosen is not good and they need to follow the law and engage in peaceful protests.

However, the hate and ridicule we see flooding their way is absurd. They haven’t hurt anyone and the building they’ve taken over is a small building in the middle of nowhere.

The rioting police haters, Black Lives Matter and the Occupiers of Wall Street were violent, harmed police, created absolute chaos, cost taxpayers millions, and no one was calling for them to be killed.

I don’t support Occupy Wall Street, Ferguson and Baltimore riots, #BlackLivesMatter Brunch and I don’t support the Bundys and the militia taking over a government building, no matter how insignificant the building is. They shouldn’t be supported in threatening to “fight”, whatever that means. Their original cause was the abusive government’s treatment of the Hammonds – a just cause. The Hammonds were over-prosecuted as terrorists for controlled burns on their property that spread onto government land but ended up improving the land.

The government shouldn’t own all this land – it’s unconstitutional and that is the cause.

The militia’s cause now is the abusive government’s takeover of much of the western land, leaving too little for the ranchers and farmers. However, the way they are trying to bring attention to their cause is not good, hurts the cause and they will be treated far more harshly than the rioters in Baltimore and the violent Occupiers of Wall Street were treated.

Many believe the Oregon militia have been infiltrated by some sketchy people and the sheriff says they are in Oregon under false pretenses.

USA Today reported:

The Oregon sheriff whose county is at the heart of an anti-government call-to-arms said Sunday the group occupying a national wildlife refuge came to town under false pretenses.

Sheriff David Ward said protesters came to Harney County, in southeastern Oregon, “claiming to be part of militia groups supporting local ranchers.” In reality, he said, “these men had alternative motives to attempt to overthrow the county and federal government in hopes to spark a movement across the United States.”

In a statement issued Sunday afternoon, Ward said he was working with local and federal authorities to resolve the situation as quickly and peacefully as possible.

The cause is being lost.

The federal government owns more than half the land in Oregon and the much-reviled Bureau of Land Management owns a lot of that.

orgeon 1_0

Montel Williams is a good guy. He has good values and puts a lot of his time and effort into supporting the military with their problems at the VA and he has tried to free the American soldier imprisoned in Iran, however, in this case, he needs to step it back – a lot more than he has. The Bundys need to stand down and people need to start giving a damn about the government’s unconstitutional takeover of land with the help of liberal courts.



  1. I do not think that anyone who recommends people be killed over a legitimate grievance is a nice person. Orphans would be created. I recall years ago Montel ranted nearly uncontrollably about how evil Sarah Palin is, implying she is a cause of racism and gun violence.

  2. The Trump phenomenon and the Oregon situation are parallels. Had not Trump been outspoken, confrontational, bombastic and all the rest, the people would have probably continued to let the government roll all over them. Everything that is known about how much land the federal government controls and the stifling effect it has on farming, ranching, mining, energy production and everything else has been known for along time by the political establishment and the elites, but nothing is ever DONE about it. It is a shame all that Tea had to be dumped into the harbor by a ragtag band of right-wing zealots, but it contributed to the stopping of a long train of abuses. Rich Lowry said today that the occupation in Oregon might disrupt birdwatching in the wildlife refuge and it (the occupation) was “distasteful”. I am at a loss for words to describe that kind of analysis. Either this country is going to hell in a handbasket or it’s not and a handful of militiamen taking a stand and making a statement and risking whatever wrath comes down upon them, if it does, upsetting the sensibilities of genteel people may appear to be unnecessary unpleasantness, but again, nothing else is working.

  3. I believe Montel Williams is on heavy duty medication due to his illness. There was a time he considered suicide due to the pain he was in. The FBI must investigate him as to whether or not he owns a gun and if so, confiscate it. He is irrational and violent. He attacked Michelle Bachmann stating that she shoild slit her neck. He needs to be institutionalized until he is stabilized.

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