To Impeach or Not To Impeach, Will the Media Decide?


President Trump is publicly recommending Ukraine and Red China investigate the Bidens. It is obvious China won’t do it, at least not to the liking of Donald Trump, but Ukraine has announced they will.

President Trump is doing what he likes to do, double down and fight.

The media is 100 percent behind impeachment with the exception of many Fox personalities. MSM seems to control the Democrats who gladly jump aboard for the ride. The media intends to win.

Pelosi sees the President’s recommendations to foreign powers as an impeachable offense, Trump sees it as a legitimate means to root out corruption, and some of us don’t like it yet find it is not an impeachable offense.

The President has cause. There is a possibility that crimes by Americans were committed in league with those countries to influence elections in one case and to enrich in both, possibly at the expense of the United States interests.

Pelosi, her fellow congressional Democrats, and their media allies are framing the matter as Trump “requesting that a foreign government assist his reelection campaign,” the Washington Post reports.” That’s a gross exaggeration and there’s no proof that’s true.

Trump never asked for help in his re-election campaign and a probe by China would not be helpful to the President. Ukraine’s anyone’s guess. Hunter Biden is allowed to be a Ukrainian oligarch and people don’t seem to care that Joe bragged about using US Aid to bribe the Ukrainians to protect his son. Hunter might have compromised national security and that does need to be looked at, but that is what Attorney General Barr and U.S. Attorney John Dunham are doing.

Senate Democrats urged Ukraine to cooperate with Robert Mueller, and a DNC contractor Alexandra Chalupa tried to get them to dig up dirt. Democrats were asking for foreign assistance to dump Trump.

Trump, on the other hand, is asking for a probe of a possibly corrupt family that could have the most powerful positions in the seat of government. Yes, it could in the end help Trump’s re-election campaign, but it’s not a direct request to do so.

While distasteful to many, the President’s actions don’t appear to be impeachable. Pelosi and her crew believe they will sway the public’s opinion saying it is.

Is the President concerned about corruption and is that his motive? That’s for the public to decide after the media joins with Democrats in a brutal campaign of words and lies against the President.

We don’t find the President to be a loose cannon. He probably knows something, but we’ll have to see, and hopefully the corrupt media won’t have the final say.


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