Today’s “Explosive, Game-Changing” Hearing Summed Up in 3 Sentences – Update


A U.S. diplomat William Taylor gave what was described as explosive testimony Tuesday, allegedly tying Ukraine aid to politically motivated investigations. Democrats are calling it a game-changer that could extend the impeachment inquiry into 2020.

William Taylor, the head of the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv, allegedly told House lawmakers he was told nearly $400 million in military aid was contingent on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announcing investigations into former Vice President Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, the Burisma energy company and 2016 election interference, The Hill reported.

That sounds pretty bad, right? We’ve been hearing that all day, it’s “explosive, a game-changer,” Trump’s really done for now.

Allegedly, Taylor’s testimony confirmed that there was indeed a quid pro quo and drew a direct line to Donald Trump.


Don’t accept Schiff’s leaks on the face of them. He is a proven liar.

The problem with this ‘process’ is Democrats are leaking hand-picked bits of information that support their case and not allowing the truth to come out.

All people need to know is what one of the Republicans on the committee said Tuesday evening. Rep. Zeldin, a man I know and who is very honest, said that the “transcript should be released ASAP…much of his leaked opening statement collapsed, but Schiff keeps the public in the dark on that.”

We updated after publication with a comment from other Republicans who were also present or discussed it with the attendees. Rep. Mark Meadows emphatically states there is no evidence of quid pro quo.

Additionally, Tuesday evening, on The Ingraham Angle, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Taylor’s testimony was dismantled.

He said a fellow Republican lawmaker deconstructed a key part of the latest Trump impeachment inquiry witness testimony in Tuesday’s closed-door session.

“In 90 seconds, we had John Ratcliffe destroy Taylor’s whole argument,” McCarthy said.

The questioning by Ratcliffe, a Texas Republican, and member of both the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees, was an important moment in the hearing, McCarthy stated.

“We can’t really talk about it,” he added.

That was confirmed by Devin Nunes.


As of Tuesday morning, Rep. Zeldin said he heard nothing that indicated there was an impeachable offense. Zeldin called Schiff’s questioning “disgusting” for playing into his anti-Trump narrative.

“They have creativity in developing a narrative, a story to try to connect all sorts of different dots that aren’t actually connected. I see it with the way Chairman Schiff asks his questions inside these depositions.”

One example of Schiff’s unfair questioning Zeldin provided was during former adviser to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Michael McKinley’s testimony. “Adam Schiff asks the question where he’s trying to get Michael McKinley to talk about how bad things are in the Mike Pompeo State Department and then Michael McKinley takes exception with the question and says ‘he had to recast the way the question was asked’ and then he talked about how much better things have gotten in the State Department under Mike Pompeo.”

After all the hours of testimony, there was nothing there.

There is still nothing there.



  1. Adam SChiff needs to stop lying and making up stories so the Reps and people who stand with Trump think it is over. It is not over until it is over! SCHIFF IS THE BIGGEST PERSON (ADULT) I have ever seen that doesnt know how to tell the truth. Pelosi and him are going to be the losers. The Reps are going to win and the dems will, again, the losers. even with the liars that are on the team. If he has a wife, PITY the woman having to live with such a liar. Not one word out of his mouth is ever the truth. The Dems need to put this failing investigation to bed.

    • The dems are not changing, expecting that leads to failure.

      Our problem is that the republicans are corrupt cowards. Sessions helped start this mess. Barr has done nothing. Ryan sabotaged the house. China Mitch has Burr opening a new investigation into Trump.

      The republican leadership is the problem.

  2. why can’t WE THE PEOPLE see these transcripts? I demand there be transparency…RELEASE EVERY TRANSCRIPT, so we can decide for ourselves who we want as President

  3. I am tired of hearing “we can’t talk about it”. What I would like to see is every Republican- all of them- stand together and release the information. Then challenge Nancy Demento to do anything to ALL Republicans. Tell her they will no longer recognize her ways. Then do nothing with the democraps. No meetings, no discussions, absolutely no contact. Take the legitimacy away from the democrap house. Make them see they have divided things too far. Otherwise I see little reason to vote for any R in the next election. Because that is what these useless mouths are doing, making flyover ignore them.

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