Today’s Op-Ed by Condi Rice in WaPo Is a Must-Read


In a very important op-ed in the Washington Post today, former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, warns that the civil war in Syria is the last stand in the Middle East. It is the last opportunity to rebuild the Middle East “on a firmer foundation of tolerance, freedom, and eventually, democratic stability.”

The Middle Eastern countries of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria were formed artificially by the British and French who drew borders arbitrarily. Monarchs and dictators have held this fragile structure of the Middle East together and that is now in grave danger.

The US hoped to give Iraq an opportunity for freedom with all groups sharing a stake in their future but the border sectarian violence is threatening any stability. The US has disengaged from Iraqi politicians and they are turning to other allies to avoid Tehran’s wrath.

The conflict in Syria is pushing all the states to the breaking point.

Much more is at stake in Syria which is crumbling, sending Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds towards Iran, who represent the new Karl Marx of this century.

Iran is propping up Syria because it is the bridge to the entire Middle East. At the same time, Iran is moving at breakneck speed to build its nuclear weapon which will threaten the entire Middle East.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other powers are supporting Sunnis. Turks are being drawn into the conflict and we ignored their cries for NATO help this past August.

The UN is wasting time on worthless UN resolutions with Russians and Chinese while Russia is supporting Assad and China could care less.

France, Britain and Turkey have filled the vacuum by recognizing the opposition. We have not joined them.Ms. Rice talks about the dangers of the regional factions running wild as compared with the threat of al-Qaeda assuming control. She believes the former is the more serious threat because it will allow Iran to win. The ensuing chaos, misery, and violence will far exceed our worst imagination.

Click here for her op-ed piece.

I am not sure I agree completely. We are currently providing under-the-radar aid to Syrian rebels and the rebel groups are infiltrated with al-Qaida. We have not given much thought as to how to control who the arms go to.

One thing is for certain. We are leading from behind not only in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan et al, but now in Egypt as we allow Morsi to declare a dictatorship.

If we joined forces with Israel and our other allies, we could save the Middle East but we won’t. Obama won’t.