‘Tolerant’ City Council Tries to Shut Chick-Fil-A Out of Denver Airport for Their Beliefs


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Free speech isn’t protected by the Constitution for people we all agree with, it’s to protect speech we don’t agree with. It’s in the crosshairs.

The Denver city council has blocked Chick-Fil-A from the airport because they don’t like what the CEO, Dan Kathy, has said about gay marriage.


The city’s council Business Development Committee has delayed by two weeks Chick-fil-A’s request to open in the Denver International Airport, not because Chick-Fil-A discriminates against gays but because they are afraid they might.

Four council members — including an openly gay one — think that Chick-fil-A’s stance could mean they might discriminate in the future.

Isn’t this the thought police?

One council member doesn’t want them to have money to discriminate even though they never have discriminated.

So, who’s discriminating?

Chick-fil-A responded that its corporation and franchises “are equal opportunity employers” with workers “who represent many diverse viewpoints, opinions, backgrounds and beliefs.”

“We hope to welcome all guests to any of our locations,” the statement read.

Chick-fil-A is the second most-requested quick-service restaurant to open in the airport, only after Chipotle, which hasn’t applied for the new space.

City Councilman Paul D. López is now saying that the main problem was Chick-Fil-A not being open on Sundays. He says conservative sites are not presenting his statements properly and he says he’s been threatened on Twitter, however, he has voiced concerns over Chick-Fil-A’s position on gay marriage and the charities they donate to.

Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez

The Denver Post quoted Lopez as saying that it was “Really, truly a moral issue on the city.”

Robin Kniech, a Denver City Council Member, remarked during Tuesday’s meeting, the ijreview reported.

“I think the airport also has a question about our reputation. It has been the corporate philosophy [of Chik-fil-A] to use the dollars they earn to fund discriminatory lawsuits and to fund discriminatory political rhetoric. So that’s of concern to the extent that they will be forming profits from operating in our airport.”

It’s not true.

The city council appears to be behaving in an unconstitutional manner.

What do you think about this? You may not agree with the restaurant’s CEO on gay marriage but does he no longer have a right to do business based on possible future discrimination with no evidence to back it up?

Does the First Amendment protect LGBTs and not religious rights?

The tolerant and diverse leftists on the City Council have a sad recent history of corrupt business practices and you can read about that here on National Review online.

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3 years ago

Bet in a heartbeat they’d bend over backwards for a muslim run restaurant to come into the SA airport, huh?! And they are NOT inclusive in believing we Americans should breathe. So, don’t give me their C R A P about wanting only inclusive restaurants here. IF YOU fools who are against Chick-fil-A weren’t so anti-Christian, and didn’t keep PURPOSEFULLY trying to bring up something that is really no one’s business, you MIGHT, might, be mature enough to sit in a place of making decisions for our city. But you are NOT! Chick-fil-A is not shoving their beliefs in your face, BUt YOU, YOU, are making sure, like a little emotionally spoiled, petulant child, that you try and ruin a good restaurants business run by decent people, simply because YOU are NOT inclusive,or tolerant, but a bigot/s.

Chick-fil-A has helped people stuck in bad weather, in their cars, by reopening their restaurant, making a bunch of sandwiches, distributing them to stranded motorists, opening their doors, and giving people a place to get out of the weather till the situation has passed, coffee and food, NOT ASKING if someone was LGBTQZYX< blah, blah, blah before deciding to serve them, tbut where does THAT get made newsworthy!! —- YOU people who discriminate against Chick-fil-A, you make me sick that our city has anyone on the council that immature, childish, intolerant, petulant, and so HATEFUL. Those of you against Chick-fil-A, DO NOT represent me, and THANK GOD!!!!! Grow Up. You could take lesson from people who run AND work for Chick-fil-A.

6 years ago

Chik-Fil-A is at the Minneapolis-St Paul airport, aren’t open on Sunday and are the third highest grossing fast food place, behind McDonalds and Subway.