Tolerant Democrat Destroys President Trump’s Hollywood Star


While the right is vilified for all kinds of unsubstantiated claims of abuses against people because of their gender, race, religion, and so on, it seems to always be the left who actually destroy things, like statues and the President’s Hollywood Star.

Someone took a pickax to President Trump’s Hollywood star overnight. It happened once before, in October 2016 by James Otis, a Democrat. This new attack is reportedly by a Democrat. We have yet to confirm.

CBS LA is reporting that the man who claimed to have done it has turned himself in to Beverly Hills police at about 4:30 a.m. The vandal is believed to be the one who called it in. The incident took place at about 3:30 a.m.

There were a number of witnesses, including two security guards and a Walgreens worker who was on her way to work.

Since Trump announced his candidacy and his subsequent election, the star has been a magnet for visitors unhappy with the current political climate. It has been defaced by tourists and dogs, had a model of a border wall built around it, and covered with “I resist” stickers.

The president received the star in 2007, while he was a producer and host of “The Apprentice.”

It isn’t the right who won’t allow Trump officials into their restaurants either.


The National Communications Director for ‘Trump Students‘ was kicked out of the Don Tito restaurant in Arlington, Virginia. Mad Max Waters would be thrilled.

It’s as if we live in occupied France. People have to whisper Trump’s name and not admit they voted for him over the Communist/Socialist loving Democrats.

As one Twitter user said, “Amazes me how Democrats believe public servants can be kicked out of a restaurant, but also believe illegal aliens can’t be kicked out of the country.”

It appears that the Democrats want to reenact the Jim Crow laws based on ideology and their base is okay with this. Not a wimper of dissent or opposition from the left when Sarah Saunders, Pam Bondi, Stephen Miller, and Kirstjen Nielsen are discriminated against because of their politics.

Actually, the left is very supportive of it.

The restaurant is a Mexican restaurant. Do they hire people here illegally? Probably.

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