Tolerant Left demands ‘White Nationalist’ Fox News be taken off the air


The tolerant, inclusive, diverse left, guided by Barack Obama, Soros/Brock groups including ActBlue and Media Matters, and boycott groups like Sleeping Giant, is trying to silence the only mainstream network that gives voice to opinions from the right. The tolerant, civil leftists are revved up now because Fox presented both sides of the mass shooting debate and won’t condemn the Second Amendment.

They are falsely claiming Fox News is a white nationalist, white supremacist network. They can’t simply destroy the President and his followers. They have to destroy any vehicle they might have to give voice to their opinions.

The fascist left won’t allow dissent or debate. Former top Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer is leading the charge.

Angry Socialist Elizabeth Warren constantly calls for the removal of Fox News from the airwaves.

The hard-left is very well organized and the Indivisibles, an Obama group, is heavily involved.

A writer for the smear machine, Media Matters.

The people on Twitter demanding Fox be taken off the air are all connected to hard-left groups but they want you to believe everyone agrees. Twitter is fake and it is manipulating Americans.

If Fox doesn’t agree with them that everyone on the right is a white nationalist, the leftists will attempt to take them off the air. It’s all they have. It’s their latest manufactured accusation to take down the President.

What they won’t tell you is that the three mass killers have some leftist leanings or are leftists. The El Paso killer thinks we have to cull the population to save the planet and he hates Hispanics. The Gilroy killer had radical Islamic material as well as a white supremacist book [Nazis and radical Islamists have a bond]. The Dayton killer was out and out leftist by his own admission and he wanted to vote for Elizabeth Warren.

As Tucker says, these people are not serious. They are like 8th graders.

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