Tolerant Left Holds Nasty Protests In California



The left, for all their demands for tolerance and civility from the right, don’t exhibit those qualities themselves.

There were protests and borderline riots at UCLA, UC Irvine and Oakland.  The activities ranged from protests to riots. Some burned US flags and most chanted. There were protests in Oregon and Washington as well. Immigration is the main issue but they simply don’t want Americanism, they want Socialism.


Hundreds of students at UCLA left their dormitories and apartments, taking to the hallways and streets chanting “(expletive) Donald Trump,” among other things.

Northern California protests included burning flags and bonfires.


USCS protest:

VanJones, the leading Communist in the movement was definitely not tolerant, talking about so-called “white lash”. He wants to keep us divided.

Van Jones is beside himself. He’s in pain and it’s the same pain half the nation felt as President Obama discarded the rights of half the nation, maligned our representatives in Congress, and bashed the United States throughout the world.

“We don’t want to feel that someone has been elected by throwing away some of us to appeal more deeply to others,” Jones said on-air. “This is a deeply painful moment tonight.”

Krugman is crazed. That I enjoyed. I was at the first Tea Party rally that made the NY Times and he took the words of the leader, a very nice man, a Libertarian, and made him look like a fool by twisting every thing he said.

The NY Times’ Socialist thinks it’s hate that drove Trump. The hate came from the left. All the divisiveness from the angry president for the last eight years is what he seems unable to see. Their lies about Donald Trump being a racist because he wants borders and limited immigration from terror nations were irrational.

This guy needs some serious therapy.


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