Tolerant Left Tells Piers Morgan to “F*k Off” for Saying There’s No Muslim Ban


Piers Morga,n in an appearance on “Real Time”, with Bill Maher was verbally assaulted by the panel for saying they should give Donald Trump a chance. When he said there “is no Muslim ban”, as is the case, he was told by so-called comic Jim Jefferies to “F*k off”. The Hitler comparison to Trump came up once again.

The left doesn’t agree with the right so therefore, everything right-wing this President does is Hitlerian.

This is how it went down.

Bill Maher: “The people who said during the campaign that Hillary Clinton was the lesser of two evils, could we get the apology right now?”

Piers Morgan: “Why?!”

Bill Maher: “Are you serious?!”

Piers Morgan: “I’m serious”

Bill Maher: “…(Hillary) wouldn’t have a Muslim ban…”

Piers Morgan: “Calm down Bill, there is no Muslim ban.”

Jim Jefferies: “F*k Off! F*k Off!”

Jefferies is a far-left misogynist who is not at all funny to anyone but leftists who hate religion, the 2nd Amendment, incarceration of criminals, and so on.

He’s extremely vulgar. There’s nothing of his that I can post on this website because he’s so disgusting.

Piers Morgan responded to the kerfuffle on Twitter. Some of his responses refer to J.K. Rowling because the two are engaged in a public Twitter spat.

He retweeted this:

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