Tolerant Lefty Rep. Cohen Wants Marsha Blackburn to Jump Off a Bridge


Rep. Steve Cohen, a Tennessee Democrat, spoke to a group of pastors last month and said Marsha Blackburn will do anything President Trump says, even jump off a bridge and he hopes she does. Specifically, he said:

“The big orange president …. He’s going to come down here and he is going to endorse Marsha Blackburn, because Marsha Blackburn, if he says, ‘Jump off the Harahan Bridge,’ she’ll jump off the Harahan Bridge,” he said in the audio obtained by HuffPo, referring to a bridge over the Mississippi River connecting Arkansas and Tennessee. “I wish he’d say that.”

This was Cohen’s pep speech to get out the vote for his nonpartisan candidate, Gov. Phil Bredeson who is running for the Senate against Republican Marsha Blackburn.

Bredeson’s motto is, “Working together to get things done for Tennesseans.” Bredeson claims he’s running against hyper-partisanship.

How ironic!

Cohen is one of the hate-Trump crew who voted to impeach the President and he has tweeted that Trump is the ‘most despicable human being’ to serve as president.” He called him a “narcissistic sociopath”.

In July, Rep. Steve Cohen seemed to call for a coup. He denied his tweet was a call for a coup but why call on the military?

Cohen is the one who said he wants to give infamous agent Peter Strzok a Purple Heart.

Listen to his hate spiel to get out the vote. Would this motivate you? Also, do you think there’s any chance in the world that Bredeson wants to work with anyone on the other side of the aisle?

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