Tommy Robinson Was Abused by His Jailers, Tortured in Prison


Tommy Robinson was released on August 1 after an appellate court ruled that he was denied due process. He was immediately jailed without being given adequate opportunity to defend himself for allegedly violating a gag order. His lawyers couldn’t speak with him for days.

The appeals court that freed him scorched the prior ruling and imprisonment. It has also come out that Tommy Robinson was badly mistreated in prison. He was deliberately placed in a jail with the largest population of Islamists.

Robinson is the British firebrand who opposes radical Islam, Muslim gang rapes, and the mass immigration of Islamists into the UK. Supporters believe he was falsely imprisoned and England’s top Chief Justice agrees.


The Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales issued a powerful and scathing judgment against the trial and imprisonment of Tommy.

The trial was rushed and Tommy was never even told what he did wrong, so his lawyers couldn’t defend him. The counsel had no opportunity to present mitigating experiences and character references. Tommy didn’t even have time to get his lawyer to the court and had to use a public defender.

The top judge said there was no sense of proportion in the sentencing for this particular conduct.

There are about ten points mentioned by the Lord Chief Justice which Canadian media personality, political activist, and author Ezra Levant explains on this clip.

Robinson’s supporters like British journalist Katie Hopkins said he looked gaunt and exhausted after his jail stint. Hopkins tweeted: “Before. After. The British State fattens up Jihadis on taxpayers cash, starves an innocent man imprisoned by a kangaroo court.”

Ezra Levant says Tommy was tortured in prison. Robinson was placed in the most heavily-populated and Muslim-run prison in Britain. He interviewed Tommy on behalf of Rebel Media.


Levant was thrilled to see Tommy freed and with his family, but he said his joy turned to sorrow and then rage as he listened to Tommy describe his treatment in prison.

Tommy’s windows had to be kept closed or the Islamist prisoners would throw excrement in or spit into his cell.

Islamists cooked his food and would ask, “How was your food Tommy.” The officials wouldn’t let him buy food.

They kept him in solitary.

The Canadian activist Levant tweeted afterwards that he was a political prisoner:

“So we now know, irrefutably, from the Lord Chief Justice himself, that Tommy Robinson was improperly tried, improperly convicted, improperly sentenced and improperly treated in prison. Every single element of his treatment was illegal. Everything. He was a political prisoner.”

A reporter asked him why Robinson is so popular and levant said, “because he’s the only one who talks about Muslim rape gangs.” She then spent the next ten minutes saying, “don’t call them Muslim rape gangs.”


Over the years, Robinson has received countless death threats for exposing the epidemic of Muslim rape gangs in Europe. Tommy has been smeared as a racist Islamophobe simply for reporting the facts about Europe’s Muslim rape epidemic, which are undisputed.

These are some of the lowlifes Robinson was attempting to report on as a citizen journalist:


  1. God bless you, Mr Levant! Your presentation on the “judicial” treatment of Tommy Robinson is brilliant. Thank you.

  2. Sorry. I can’t quit commenting. It just hit me that this was happening while the world was witnessing the “Royal Wedding” and these so called elite Royals were celebrating, with their huge display, while this brave citizen was being so wrongly imprisoned and tortured with zero concern from these total hypocrites. They all completely disgust me.

  3. Wrapping my mind around the idea that your can be arrested, jailed and tortured for simply speaking or reporting truthful events is so foreign to us here in the US but I think that was true in the U.K. maybe just 5-10 years ago? We see the beginnings of people wanting to clamp down on free speech here. Are we 10 years away from our own destruction??

  4. This absolutely heinous treatment of an English citizen with zero repercussions to the “officials” responsible, proves that the U.K. Is not just a Police State but has become a complete caliphate under control of Muslim authority. At this point I would not consider stepping foot in the country. We have such a connection with England, our language, history, basis for many of our laws and government. This is appalling to witness the country’s demise.

  5. What consequence for the ‘judge’ who illegally railroaded Robinson into a de facto death sentence? Literally laughing as he watched Robinson’s arrest….
    What consequence for the jailers who facilitated the torture of Robinson?
    What consequence for the entire sick system that has allowed the rape and sexual abuse of thousands of young girls?

    Any society that allows these types of injustices to occur has no future. The UK is becoming a Police State. Tomorrow it will be part of the European Caliphate…

  6. It seems he was a political prisoner. This is abhorrent.
    Trump’s religious ambassador did raise concerns about Tommy Robinson’s treatment with the British government.
    Perhaps Tommy Robinson’s imprisonment will mean something for freedom of the press in the UK.
    It seems he was imprisoned due to publicizing the scandal of young girls being sexually trafficked in the UK, and the authorities, the police and social workers being acquainted with it, but of accusing the young girls of being the perpetrators, or being responsible, rather than the network of men who were trafficking them.
    This is actually the biggest coverup by the government imaginable, and the authorities should be the ones up on charges, not Tommy Robinson.

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