Tony Bernardo, Gun Rights Champion: Canadians Are Terrified As They Watch U.S. Events

Tony Bernardo

One of the speakers at the L.I. Firearms Civil Rights Conference of September 30th was Tony Bernardo, the Executive Director of the Canadian Institute for Legislative Action. He is not only a strong gun rights advocate, he is an impressive speaker on many issues. He attended our conference to help protect his pro gun allies in the states.

Canada has undergone enormous changes since electing a conservative Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, in 2006. Canada has moved a little right politically while we have moved very far to the left.

Mr. Bernardo is one of PM Harper’s admirers.

Mr. Harper, a strong leader, has turned around the Canadian economy and while they are still facing cuts and a downturn, they are faring much better than the United States.

Mr. Bernardo said that as Canadians they have the advantage of looking in at the political events in the United States and what they are seeing terrifies them. If the U.S. economy goes down, the Canadian economy could be collateral damage. Canada doesn’t trade with much of the world as we do. Their trade is with us.

Mr. Bernardo was speaking to second amendment supporters at this conference so his speech was directed at gun rights. Canada is heading for a reversal of extreme gun control regulations under PM Harper though there are many gun laws to repeal after decades of gun oppression.

They recently saw the repeal of all gun show regulations.

In April, the long-gun registry was ended for all but Quebec residents who sought and won an injunction to keep the registry in tact. However, there is no criminal penalty attached to not registering long guns and since the federal government repealed the registry, gun registration in Quebec is on the honor system.

That prompted gun owners to have a little fun with it. They began the Great Canadian Gun Registry Shuffle. In an attempt to make the gun registry unusable, Canadians began shuffling guns. They’d sell guns to each other and then back again. In one month, they shuffled 420,000 guns.

More remarkable was their stand on the Arms Trade Treaty. When the U.N. made their failed attempt to pass the Arms Trade Treaty, it was Canada that said no to the treaty. It was not a popular choice with many in Canada but it was Harper’s decision nonetheless.

Mr. Bernardo said that when the U.N. met in Cairo to discuss the original small arms treaty on anti-gun initiatives, what he heard paled in comparison to the alarming information we had heard from Ambassador Bolton only two hours earlier. The Ambassador indicated that it was a serious attempt at banning civilian ownership of guns.

It was Ambassador Bolton who protected our rights to  private gun ownership at that time by stating forcefully that no treaty infringing on the U.S. Constitution would be acceptable.

More than a decade later, it was Canada that helped save us from the Arms Trade Treaty, which is the evil spawn of the Small Arms Treaty. Canada called for the exclusion of civilian arms and later modified it but not to the satisfaction of the majority members.

PM Harper went to the conference in New York in July and stated emphatically that he would not agree to a treaty that included civilian guns. Banning civilian guns in the treaty is like the skunk at the wedding.

If anyone wants to take this treaty seriously, they should remember that Iran has a leading role. That should be enough for any sane leadership to pull their country out of the deliberations, much less the treaty.

Mr. Bernardo said the people are the gun lobby, not the NRA or any organization or any one leader. He reminded us that this election is one of the most important in our lifetimes. Our president has been kept somewhat in check until now but we are at a crossroads with our rights in the balance.

He joked that he hopes we get rid of our used car salesman.