Too White in Philly, So Balconies & Bay Windows to Be Banned


Newly-installed City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson plans to regulate new construction in his districts as it is becoming too gentrified, in other words, too wealthy and too white. Johnson represents most of South Philly and introduced a bill May 23rd to ban balconies and bay windows across Point Breeze and Grays Ferry. Outside of those districts, they would be allowed but regulated.

Philadelphia city Councilman Kenyatta Johnson

If the cities become downtrodden they don’t like it, but if they are built up, they don’t like that either.

Those architectural features offer space and light to the owner and they give it some character as opposed to commie houses. But to some, those invite in wealthy whites.

The real problem is the population is growing wealthier and whiter. The African-American population is going down.

Therefore, everyone must have bland commie houses with no character differences. All must be the same to discourage the whites and people with money.

  • Sounds like a winning lawsuit for some builder or owner. Where in the hell do the black citizens get these so called “leaders”. This guy is a RACIST and will keep his fellow blacks down, instead of helping them to rise economically. Yea, keep electing more radical hating racists, Maybe Mad Maxine can move there with her mansion and give out more food stamps.