Top Dem Demands US Taxpayers Compensate Illegals Who Snuck in With Children


It is no secret Democrats are embracing socialism and worse. The movement to the left is not limited to the fringe members of the Democrat Party, it encompasses so-called mainstream Democrats. While Democrats often can’t define socialism, they know they like it.

An alleged moderate Democrat, Rep. Joe Crowley (D-NY) lost his seat to a committed Socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. He is not far from O-Cortez in ideology, however, and he was the fourth most powerful Democrat in the House. Many talked about him as a replacement for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker if Democrats take back the House.

Crowley wants to abolish ICE and he has another interesting idea. He believes the U.S. taxpayer should compensate the aliens coming in illegally with children.

These are people who took their children on a dangerous journey with drug cartels and entered the country illegally with fake IDs. One in five of these family units includes convicted criminals.

They were caught, imprisoned, and the children of necessity were separated. Democrats won’t allow that or the imprisonment.

The process of separating children from parents who are being imprisoned for breaking our laws is one that was carried out by the last two administrations. Crowley never said a word and he was in office at the time.

Crowley attacked the Trump administration for the policy of separating families as “one of the most reprehensible things” he’s witnessed in his 20-year Congressional career.

He didn’t seem to know that Barack Obama kept illegal alien children in dog kennels and turned them over to human traffickers. Obama is the one who created the policies that caused this.

Crowley claims the “damage to the children will be lifelong” without having any knowledge that is the case.


This is the clincher. Crowley wants U.S. taxpayers to reward the illegal aliens breaking our laws. “In fact, I suggest they need to be compensated for what this administration did to them,” he said.

Crowley is the chairman of the Democratic Caucus, and he is one of their main guys. Vote for Democrats and this is what you will get.

The Democrats want no borders and no enforcement, no deportation too. Expect more children to come in with their alleged families.

It is what many Democrats in high positions believe. Take New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for instance. He is another mainstream Democrat and is often talked about as a presidential candidate. The governor is pardoning illegal alien criminals to keep them from being deported out of the unofficial sanctuary state of New York.

This is who the Democrats are.

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

Paragraph from American Thinker(July 25,2018), ‘Deliver Us to Evil’ by David Prentice–“The left apparently now supports socialism, despises free enterprise, can’t abide religious expressions (hate God), can’t handle other opinions or debate, believes so many things that simply aren’t so, is trying to squelch the First Amendment as much as it can in institutions it rules, has embraced the invasion of America by illegal aliens and the replacement of the American voting populations by said illegals, and support the demonization of white males.”

5 years ago

As a taxpayer, I demand that NONE of my money be given to illegals for any reason.