Top DNC Official Tied to DC Police Handling of Seth Rich Case


Rod Wheeler is the former D.C. detective who was hired on behalf of Seth Rich’s family and who came out with bombshell claims in the Seth Rich case Tuesday. Initial reports quote Wheeler as saying Rich’s computer linked to Wikileaks.

He elaborated last night on Sean Hannity’s tv show.

The Seth Rich computer is now missing and no one seems to know where it is. However, his brother Aaron told The Washingtonian on Tuesday that he has it and it has never been out of his hands.

Based on his conversations with a federal investigator who saw the case file and the computer, and together with his findings, Wheeler says there is reason to believe Rich was in contact with Wikileaks. Wheeler describes the Agent as an anonymous and very credible source who was checked out by his staff.

Wheeler said law enforcement told him to stand down in the Rich case. If it’s a simple murder-robbery case, why?

The latest reports indicate Seth Rich was alive and conscious when he was found by police. Didn’t he tell them it was a robbery? The police report published online says the decedent was “conscious and breathing”.

While Wheeler was investigating, the FBI told Wheeler to contact D.C. police and when he did, the D.C. police told him to contact the FBI.

“Every time I talk with the police department though, Sean, every time I talk with the police department about the Wikileaks are the emails, it’s automatically shut down,” Wheeler said.

The D.C. police won’t call Wheeler back, and he believes it is because a high-ranking official with the Democrat National Committee called the D.C. police and wanted to know why Wheeler was asking questions That is the same DNC official Seth Rich was having problems with at the DNC. The family released the information about the DNC official yesterday.

When the DNC hacking originally took place, the DNC would not let the FBI go through their computers. Why?

If the powers-that-be want the conspiracy theories to stop, they need to be transparent because right now, it’s a cover up or just a very sloppy investigation or both.