Top EU Guy Says Trump Is Undermining [Globalist] World Order…Okay!


Donald Tusk, President of the European Commission, said Friday that President Trump is “undermining” the U.S.-led international order in a conference ahead of the Group of Seven (G7 – Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the U.K. and the U.S.) Summit in Canada. The EU is a non-enumerated member.

“The rules-based international order is being challenged … not by the usual suspects but by its main architect and guarantor, the U.S.,” Tusk said, according to The Washington Post.

“We will not stop trying to convince our American friends and President Trump that undermining this order makes no sense at all because it would only play into the hands of those who seek a new, post-West order, where liberal democracy and fundamental freedoms would cease to exist,” he added.

In other words, do as the collectivists say.


Better yet, President Trump is leaving the G7 early for the best of reasons — to skip the climate change meeting. After years of being oppressed by Barack Obama and his extremist wealth redistribution plan under the guise of climate change, we are free.

That’s why President Trump was elected — to challenge the “Order”. He wants better trade deals, doesn’t want to redistribute out wealth throughout the world until it hurts the U.S. economy, and he doesn’t want bad deals with Iran.

That should not be a threat to our partners although that is the way they characterize it.

Tusk is no fan of Trump’s and called his behavior one of the biggest threats facing Europe. He was referring to Trump’s tendency to think out of the box. They prefer a predictable and obliging USA. Tusk doesn’t like Brexit either — he’s described as “furious” on the matter.

The EU wants the world order to continue as is, with EU nations forced to take in extreme numbers of migrants, continue with trade deficits in EU’s favor, and levy taxes according to the will of Angela Merkel or technocrats in Brussels. Trump supports independence and sovereignty.

The themes of the G7 are far-left progressive:
  • Investing in growth that works for everyone [except the U.S.]
  • Preparing for jobs of the future
  • Advancing gender equality and women’s empowerment
  • Working together on climate change, oceans, and clean energy
  • Building a more peaceful and secure world

The agenda is mostly pie-in-the-sky leftism.

Tusks’ comments about disrupting the world order came after President Trump suggested bringing Russia back into the G7. It didn’t go over well with Never Trumpers and Democrats in the USA.

Russia was ousted from the then-G8 in 2014 after annexing Crimea and promoting rebellion in eastern Ukraine.

Tusk was not in support of re-engaging with Russia and emphasized the many issues of agreement among the G7. Tension continues over trade, climate change and the Iran nuclear deal, he noted.


We have a deficit with all our key trading partners; the Paris Accord did nothing to change the environment and mainly redistributed wealth; and the Iran deal was a disaster.

Trump’s so-called friend French President Emmanuel Macron promised to resist U.S. “hegemony” and said no leader “is forever”.

President Trump’s asking for independence and unity, maintaining sovereign rights while working together. Hegemony is what the proponents of the NWO want — it’s what the globalists want.

Macron threatened Trump at a joint presser with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa, saying the U.S. will be isolated. “There will be no world hegemony if we know how to organize ourselves. And we don’t want there to be one.”

Trump angered the other G7 members when he implemented tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, rolling back temporary exemptions, to save our dying industries.

Macron called it “economic nationalism” that will penalize everyone.


Trudeau dubbed the tariffs an “affront” since we are such good pals.

“These tariffs are an affront to the long-standing security partnership between Canada and the United States, and in particular, to the thousands of Canadians who have fought and died alongside American comrades-in-arms,” he said.

Except when some of their ancestors burned down Washington, Trump suggested. Trudeau got upset about that too. He said Canadians didn’t do it, the Brits did.

Trudeau said he was “offended” that his nation is considered a “natonal security threat” by President Trump. That was in reference to Trump saying our spiraling trade deficits with our  key trading partners are a “national security threat.”

It’s true. It is a threat if the USA loses its aluminum and steel industries.

We have a $18 billion deficit with Canada, one of our top five trading partners.

The President recently singled out one of the problems with our trading partner Canada. Canada put a 270% tariff on Dairy Products. So, Trudeau can be offended all he wants. Trump sees the partners as treating us unfairly.

Celeste Drake, trade and global policy specialist at the AFL-CIO, says the trade deficit has persisted and wages for many workers have been stagnant or worse.. It’s reasonable to ask how long that can continue without damaging the economy, she says.

“This is where we have to say, ‘Why don’t we revisit the policies that we’ve put in place? Why don’t we start looking at this trade deficit that we’ve ignored for more than 30 years and to try to figure out how we can address it?’ ” Drake says.

The U.S. has a trade deficit with all its partners. In the case of the very large deficit with China, it sends significant numbers of jobs overseas.


President Trump is not going to the climate and environment portion of the G7. An aide will attend. They can redistribute among themselves.

This follows the Twitter spate between Macron and Trump over trade. Trump went to the G7 to try and make his case for the tariffs which have drawn an angry response.


James Comey was in Canada shortly before the G7 telling the world’s leaders to not trust a thing President Trump says. Comey, himself, is a proven liar. This is not how a former FBI Chief should behave.

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