Top prosecutor SWORE under oath Biden forced Ukraine to fire him


The Ukraine prosecutor at the center of the Ukraine-Trump debacle, Viktor Shokin explained in sworn testimony how he lost his job as the top prosecutor and attempted to get it back only to find out Joe Biden pressured Ukraine to remove him because he was investigating Burisma, the company employing Biden’s son Hunter.

Victor Shokin also accused the Obama administration of taking steps in Ukraine to isolate and remove people who did not serve their interests, Foxnews reported.

Investigative reporter John Solomon has obtained 400 documents exposing Joe Biden’s corruption. He’s done.

The sworn evidence by Mr. Shokin is further evidence.

Shokin Statement by JohnSolomon on Scribd

Another interesting point made by investigative reporter John Solomon is that the Obama officials had to apologize for falsely claiming Mr. Shokin was corrupt and inept.

Just to refresh your memory, here’s Joe bragging about extortion:

Trump has some good questions:

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Biden is a huge corrupt politician who allowed his office to be used as a piggy bank for his family, he was only following the lead of Clinton, who was masterful, he was just clumsy and got caught.