Top Twitter Exec Has the Okay to Tweet Vile Attacks on the Right


The Washington Examiner reported that Twitter senior engineering manager Ian Brown is sending out tweets assailing Trump, White House social media chief Dan Scavino Jr., top aide Stephen Miller, Sen. Rand Paul, and supporters like Turning Point USA Chief Charlie Kirk.

According to the Examiner, In a recent tweet, he suggested that restaurant workers were tampering with Eric Trump’s food after the president’s son said he was spat on at a Chicago eatery. “If @EricTrump is upset about getting spit on by a restaurant employee, I have some bad news about the food and drinks he’s being served,” Brown tweeted June 26.

His tweets are offensive, meant to inflame, and they are targeted harassment by the man with the power.

Ian is targeting Dan Scavino who is in charge of the Trump social media universe and he is involved in the current effort to rein in the tech giants’ obvious anti-conservative bias.

He apparently doesn’t like cops either.

He’s also a fascist who hints he wants people to boycott Home Depot.



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