Toronto Terrorist Reports Disappear from the Media for a Sick Reason


The media has shut down reports about the mass shooting in Toronto by Faisal Hussain, an allegedly mentally ill man. The scenario that played out in the media about his mental problems is becoming more and more unlikely. There is evidence he had ties to ISIS and might have been trained in jihadi camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

As soon as information came out about his possible terrorist connections, the story disappeared from the media. It’s political correctness run amok.


The killer walked up and down several streets, firing into restaurants and stores, wounding 13, many critically, and killing a ten-year old girl and an 18-year old woman. His name was withheld for a day. When his name was announced, a statement from the family came out concurrently.

The family’s statement claimed Faisal was depressed and psychotic at times.

On the day after the killings, the Mayor of Toronto demanded complete disarmament and asked why anyone needs to own a gun. With two days, Justin Trudeau began looking at banning all handguns in Canada.

Then ISIS took credit for the attack while police at the same time said, and still say, they can’t figure out the motive.


According to CBS, a law enforcement source told CBS News that Faisal Hussain visited Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) websites and may have expressed support for the terrorist group. They were looking into whether Hussain may have lived at one time in Afghanistan and possibly Pakistan, the source said. There is no indication that Hussain was directed by ISIS to carry out the attack.

However, ISIS has issued general calls for exactly this kind of attack.

The information that was reported by CBS News was also reported by conservative freelance reporter Laura Loomer the day after the attack.

Toronto is becoming an area of concern which may be another reason the story is being kept out of the news. Three months ago, a man used a van to plow over pedestrians on a downtown sidewalk in Toronto, killing 10 people and injuring 14 in an attack apparently aimed at women.

Hussain lived in a small, subsidized apartment with his parents and siblings. What are the chances his family didn’t know or didn’t actually urge him to do it?


Hussain was well-armed. Is ISIS smuggling weapons in? He wasn’t entitled to own the handgun he carried.

The “mentally-ill” jihadi was well-trained, just like someone who attended a jihadi camp.

One officer said in his years on the job, he has never come across a shooter better with a gun than Hussain.

“He was very proficient,” said the officer. “I can’t imagine he could change magazines on the run, avoid jamming and hit targets as accurately as he did, had he not had some firearms training and experience.”

“He used tactical stances and was able to do on-the-move reloads,” said one officer.

“That’s what we are trained to do if we are ever in trouble. It’s not easy. But he was able to do it.”

Police Chief Mark Saunders said he would not speculate on the motive for Sunday’s attack. “We do not know why this has happened yet,” he said. “It’s going to take some time.”

He will wait until no one is talking about the case.

Why don’t they ban radical Islamists instead of guns?

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