Totalitarian Jayapal says Amash’s impeachment call is a “watershed moment”


Far-left socialist Pramila Jayapal said on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday that Republican Justin Amash calling for Trump’s impeachment is a “watershed moment.” It’s really not, Amash is a libertarian anti-Trumper who sides mostly with Democrats.

Jayapal said, “Well I think it’s a watershed moment. For weeks Speaker Pelosi has been saying this needs to be bipartisan if it is going to move forward, just from the practical aspect of impeachment moving forward.”

She continued, “And I think Justin Amash coming on board means that there is now bipartisan support for really understanding the seriousness of what is in the Mueller report. He says, and I think he’s right, most of us actually swing district Democrats and Progressives, most of the caucus agrees with most of those conclusions that Justin Amash has around what is in the report.”

Dishonestly, she claims, “We have read the report. It very carefully laid out a case that really is pushing for the House to take on these issues. So, I think it’s not about the impeachment vote. It’s about opening an impeachment inquiry and really having the legal remedies that are stronger when you have an impeachment inquiry. And I think we are very quickly headed down that path.”

The latest from the far-left Democrats in the House is they will conduct an Impeachment Inquiry.


The totalitarian Jayapal also proclaimed that you cannot be a Democrat unless you are for abortion, immigrants, and LGBTQ rights.

As a very far-left agitator, in her case, she actually means extreme abortion, illegal immigrants, and extreme LGBTQ rights at the expense of everyone else.

“I think the Party’s response is going to be strong and hopefully you’ve seen that it’s strong across the board. Personally, I do think that there should be a set of core Democratic ideals that we all agree to and that you can’t say you’re Democrat if you’re against immigrants, if you’re against abortion, if you’re against gay marriage and LGBTQ rights. I’m not sure what it means to be a Democrat if all of those things are true.”

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