Totalitarian Left! ‘Vice’ Editor Wants to Make It Illegal to Deny Global Warming Science


In May, Al Gore saw the need to “punish climate-change deniers, saying politicians should pay a price for rejecting ‘accepted science,'” according to the Chicago Tribune. Bill Nye, among others saw prison as a viable alternative. Sheldon Whitehouse wants climate deniers in jail. Now along comes another totalitarian who wants to engage thought police.

Newsbusters reports that on Sept. 1, Motherboard editor Brian Merchant wrote, “The science is too clear about what will happen in the near-term to continue to allow profiteers and ideologues to place the public in danger without consequence.”

Motherboard is Vice Media’s science and technology outlet.

Merchant included the usual hysteria: about a “state-sponsored disinformation campaign is putting residents in very real danger”; “Climate change denial can and will leave people dead”; and “Climate change is killing us right now.”

His conclusion is: “Climate change denial should be a crime.”

This is what the totalitarian left has in mind for all the rest of us who dare to have a different opinion. No one is denying the climate is changing, they’re only denying the hysteria.

Merchant even stated that Hurricane Harvey “is what climate change looks like.” This is while scientist after scientist says it isn’t.

University of Washington atmospheric scientist Cliff Mass put the brakes on those Hurricane Harvey-climate change theories in a blog post.

According to Mass, the idea that human-caused climate change had any effect on Harvey is more than far-fetched — it’s downright not true.

It’s a lie because it’s not based on any facts.

“Most of the stories were not based on data or any kind of quantitative analysis, but a hand-waving argument that a warming earth will put more water vapor into the atmosphere and thus precipitation will increase,” he wrote. “[T]he results are clear: human-induced global warming played an inconsequential role in this disaster.”

He explained: “The proximate cause of the disaster is clear: the extreme rainfall was the result of a hurricane/tropical storm that pulled in huge amounts of water vapor off the Gulf of Mexico (and beyond), and which came into the Texas coast and then stalled for days. All tropical storms/hurricanes bring large amounts of rain during landfall. What was different here was the stalling and sitting over the same region for days.”

Joe Bastardi also had his say.

We are living through George Orwell’s 1984: In the year 1984, the government of Oceania, dominated by the Inner Party, use the Newspeak language to control the speech, actions, and thought of the population, by defining “unapproved thoughts” as thoughtcrime and crimethink; for such actions, the Thinkpol arrest Winston Smith, the protagonist of the story, and Julia, his girlfriend, as enemies of the state. Among the means for maintaining social control, the Thought Police operate a false flag resistance movement, to lure ideologically disloyal members of the Party to identify themselves for arrest.


  1. And I will still maintain that these promoters are incapable of “producing” in a capitalistic environment and cannot gain massive wealth with Foundation money alone, therefore they institute a “system” whereby they Can gain massive wealth.

    The philosophy of ‘climate change’ has its beginnings in irresponsible thinking and analysis. Scientists were studying the planets Mars and Venus and came to the “conclusion” from those observations. Mars has little or no atmosphere and is therefore cold. Venus, on the other hand has a dense atmosphere and has a surface of high temperatures. They will deny the proximity to the sun has a distinct effect, which is antithetical to any logical reasoning.

    Another fallacy that bears little resemblance to logical thinking is the so-called “greenhouse effect”. It is possible to classify Venus with “greenhouse” as the atmosphere is somewhat static and doesn’t have the variations the earth has. The earth simply cannot have a greenhouse effect, by the very nature of the word. A greenhouse is a “closed” environmental system whereas the earth has variety of atmospheric pressures and temperatures which create changes across the globe. It is why the earth has clouds and rains that pop up at unpredictable times.

    The next fallacy is the infamous “CO2 pollution”. Whenever CO2 is mentioned in relation to emissions they use figures that give the impression of devastation, for example, in millions of metric tons. This is completely meaningless because it tends to distort reality. You will notice the information on the percentage in the atmosphere isn’t readily available in any stories covering the issue. As it stand CO2 constitutes about 0.041% (equal to 410 ppm) by volume of the atmosphere. What man produces is miniscule compared to the total of .041% yet instead of using the percentage of the percentage it is reported in Billions of metric tons. So, in the proper perspective of the total CO2 being .041% of the total atmosphere which thus corresponds to approximately 3200 Billion Billion tons of CO2. So, when a story informs us of a vast release of CO2 compare it with actual data.

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