Totalitarianism Is Here! Texas is going down if the GOP doesn’t wake up


CBP estimates that 200,000 are now illegally crossing the border into the United States each month.  They catch 100,000 and they think about another 100,000 get away. They will be released into the interior where they will hide out until they get amnesty. It’s only a matter of time before they get it and they will vote Democrat.

That is what this is all about — a country of one-party rule — progressive rule.

The illegal aliens are not assimilating and won’t for decades. It’s not unusual but it will have devastating political consequences — just look at California. The illegal aliens are poor and uneducated for the most part and need the freebies the Democrats are selling.

These aliens can turn Texas, Florida, South Carolina and Arizona blue in no time. Democrat progressives will have their one-party electoral majority with Texas alone and the United States will no longer be a free society once that happens.

Democrat progressives want to tell us what we can say, how we can defend ourselves, what we can eat, and it will only get worse as they gain more and more power. Look at what is going on in New York. Mayor DeBalsio does not believe in the rule of law. The communist mayor, Sandanista Bill is ruining the city, letting people do whatever they want if they are members of one of his protected classes.

Democrats have been turning states deep blue. Look at what is happening in Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Virginia, North Carolina, Illinois, and even Ohio. Georgia is teetering.

Progressives want to destroy the Electoral College to speed the process up.


Chicago just voted a communist/socialist in as mayor and she is a disaster. She’s very radical.

Watch the New York City commie talk about taxes and his plan for wealth redistribution in this clip. He wants your money, your properties, your freedoms, and whatever else he can take. Your job is to obey as he lies his butt off. He is a Totalitarian and he’s ruining New York City as Andrew Cuomo ruins New York State.

Listen to this communist crazy in the next clip. He was elected as the top LAW ENFORCEMENT officer in the state and he’s lawless. Is this what Republicans want as they do nothing to stop the invasion?

The crazy progressive in Georgia, Stacey Abrams still hasn’t conceded. She thinks she won.

Is this what Americans want? Every Democrat candidate running for the presidency is far-left. Biden is the only one who is somewhat normal and the progressives are trying to take him out. He’s annoying but no one thinks he’s a pervert really.

Wake the hell up America, especially you Republicans out there! Why aren’t you screaming to close the borders? We are heading for a violent civil war if this isn’t stopped. Donald Trump can’t do it alone.

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