Touching Photo of a Guard at a Civil War Monument Goes Viral


The media, along with a small number of extremists, are ginning up the hate, confusion and fear. If they would help promote understanding, we’d see a lot more of these touching photos.

The photo of a Virginia Flagger, a group that protects Civil War monuments, embracing a Black Lives Matter protester went viral.

The story begins with the online hacker group Anonymous calling for 11 monuments to be destroyed, according to WMUR. The Flaggers got wind of it and stationed guards at the monuments.

A handful of Black Lives Matter protesters showed up.  Then something unexpected happened.

“Late in the evening, one of the monument guards noticed this woman, who later identified as a black lives matter supporter, trembling and shaking with fear,” the Virginia Flaggers wrote on Facebook.

“He said he could tell she honestly feared them. He walked up to her, arms outstretched, said, ‘We are not KKK’ and she grabbed him and wouldn’t let go. He explained that they were here to stop all of this and prevent another Charlottesville. He said, ‘If I were KKK would I hold you like this?’ And she said, ‘No.'”

“They talked for some time and he said we have to work together to stop this mess,” the post continued. “It serves as a reminder to all of us that God can use the most troubling times to shine light and truth, even in near darkness.”

This post has been shared over 5200 times. This is what America is about. I hate this arrogant expression but I’ll use it since the former president was always saying it: This is who we really are.

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