Town Hall News! Horrifying so Far


This climate town hall on CNN this evening is horrifying so far. The only thing more insane than the candidates are the people asking the questions. The candidates are real zealots.

Bernie wants to fund abortions around the world with our tax dollars, Kamala is worried about straws, and Castro wants to brainwash kids.


Warren’s Plans Are Terrifying

Warren keeps saying she believes in science. She should say pseudo-science, but not genealogy.

She thinks we have, maybe, 11 years. She’s nuts.

She is very pony. Chief Warren was almost in tears by the end of this segment with a real Native American, but we don’t have the entire clip.

The woman has more bogus arguments than any of the candidates.

Harris’s Plan Is Terrifying

A president Harris will see to it that the $93 trillion Green New Deal is put in place by fiat.

She is on top of really important issues like straws.

She will prosecute oil and gas executives. That sounds fascistic.

Bernie’s Plan Is Terrifying

Bernie said people will be “a little bit uncomfortable” with his climate change plans. No, Bernie, actually, we will be terrified.

Bernie thinks there are too many people in the world so he wants to fund abortions in poor countries around the world.

He is talking Eugenics. How Hitlerian of him.

Bernie plans to roll back all of the climate deregulations that have given us this great economy.

Andrew Yang’s Plans Are Terrifying

Andrew Yang is good for entertainment value. He wants a buyback program for…wait for it…gas engine cars. He’s also opposed to meat.

Castro Says We Have 11 Years

Castro wants to brainwash children in the schools.

And he thinks we have 11 years to live.


A new worthless poll out of Quinnipiac has Trump losing to everybody.
  • Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders over President Trump 51 – 42 percent;
  • California Sen. Kamala Harris ahead of Trump 49 – 41 percent;
  • Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren tops Trump 49 – 42 percent;
  • South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg edges Trump 47 – 42 percent;
  • New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker by a nose over Trump 47 – 42 percent.

They might as well throw in De Blasio and the other 0%ers.


Chief Elizabeth Warren is closing the gap on sleepy senile Joe Biden. Sleep-her-way-to-top, Harris is nosediving, according to an Economist/YouGov poll released Wednesday.

The poll, taken September 1-3, 2019, among 1500 U.S. citizens (1069 registered voters), found Biden continuing to lead the crowded primary field with 26 percent support from Democrat primary voters.

Warren, however, is closing the gap, coming just five points behind Biden with 21 percent support.

Sen. Bernie Sanders – who has been battling Warren for second place – came in third with 14 percent support.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) has been consistently coming in fourth place, and police-hating Mayor Pete Buttigieg took that position with six percent support. Harris garnered just five percent support – a massive fall from the double-digit numbers she saw following the first Democrat debate.

Harris is five points ahead of loser De Blasio.

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