Toxic Kasich Arrogantly Demeans Republicans & All Trump Supporters


Sanctimonious fool, Gov. John Kasich of Ohio said Tuesday he was losing heart after hearing Democratic and Republican senators during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings last week. He made sure to demean, not only Republicans, but also all Trump supporters.

As usual, he blamed both parties even though evidence is pointing to a Democratic scheme to keep Brett Kavanaugh off the bench.

“We’re in a zero-sum game,” Kasich said, appearing on MSNBC with Stephanie Ruhle. “Every tactic is okay. You can do whatever it takes just so I can win and I can defeat you. That is a toxic environment”.

In actuality, he is toxic to the Republican Party.

Ruhle went on to condemn the ‘party of Trump’ and the son of a mailman agreed with that, placing himself on his usual lofty plane.

Towards the end of the interview, Kasich again referred to the “zero-sum game” as he lamented the behavior of Trump supporters at a “Make America Great Again” rally in Tennessee on Monday.

“A lot of them are voting because they’re angry, okay?” Kasich said. “We’re back again to the zero-sum game. You look at a Trump rally. I mean, come on, folks. You don’t teach your kids to be that way.“

Did he not notice the scheme, the lying, the damage to Judge Kavanaugh and his family?

Ruhle claimed NAFTA was rebranded and only had slight tweaks. Kasich let her get away with it. The phony fool condemned the fact that he took on someone like Trudeau and made him angry. Kasich added that there was nothing great in the new treaty. It is a good deal and Trump should be lauded for having the guts to take this on when no one else would. Even Chuck Schumer complimented him over the deal.

Of course, Kasich carried on about illegal alien children since he’s an open borders “Republican’.

He’s a very oily, slick phony.

Kasich also stuck up for Dr. Ford at the expense of Trump supporters and Republicans in general.

Go to 9:28:

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