TPP – A New World Order Part 2 – Update


Editor’s Note: The House voted down the TAA today and fast track probably can’t pass without it! The purpose of voting down TAA is to sink TPP fast track authority.

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by John Velisek, USN (Ret.)

I wrote of the TPP a few days ago here, and since that time there has been new information and revelations leaked, causing even more concern about just what the TPP can do.

The Republicans are trying to push Obamatrade through the House quickly in order to get it through before opposition to it can grow further.

It will be a close vote, and it appears that many of those voting on this abomination have not even read it. Another “ you have to pass it, to see what’s in it moment. And we all know how well that went the last time.

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) has sent a letter to Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to request a delay in the vote for this fast track authority and to have the text and information about the TPP made public.

His concern is that the President can make changes to this agreement at any time without any approval.

It would allow foreign countries to make changes binding the United States to changes in the agreement that are not in our best interest.

TPP is a “Living Agreement” over which the US would have too little control.

China, not yet a signatory, have been in talks with the Obama administration to become a member. This would give China the ability to undermine any US interests without any recourse from our government.

This agreement, written by and for international corporations will cede US sovereignty to the global interest of multinational businesses and interests. It has limits and is self-governing with the ability to affect our economy, our immigration and labor practices, our environmental practices, and even our currency.

Without proper safeguards it would change self-rule as we know it.

Does anyone trust this administration to do the right thing? Look at what has happened to our immigration policies without Congressional control. Obama has ignored the interests of this country for the special interests of large companies that need cheap labor.

And if this is a trade agreement, why are there strong indications that immigration is tied to it through its sibling treaty – TISA? If we are to allow even more immigrants into our country as reported, should we not see what this agreement says?

There are reports that this agreement will, in reality, allow the unfettered crossing of workers from one country to another, much like the European Union. It could make “temporary entry” much like our student Visa program a part of the US policy. Last report, there were over 120,000 expired student visas with the aliens involved still here. And will these Temporary entrants be allowed to vote? Without Voter ID how would we know?

TTIP, TPP’s evil sibling, forms a joint regulatory cooperation body made up of U.S. and EU representatives. The body will probably meet once a year, establish a work program, and monitor what has been done in different sectors.

This could turn U.S. regulations over to an international body. This proposal is all the more dangerous given the terms in the EU’s leaked proposal that U.S. or EU regulations would need to be analyzed to determine whether they would have an unacceptable impact on trade. Such a requirement could impose a presumption that regulations must be judged on the basis of their trade impact rather than their effectiveness as public interest policies promoting financial stability.

It’s simple, the corporations give the money to the politicians and the politicians do their bidding. And the American looking for a job or trying to raise a family on lower pay get left behind.

Loretta Lynch has already internationalized our legal system. This administration is eroding our right to bear arms in incremental fashion. The latest step being the State Department updating the International Traffic in Arms Regulation to prevent the disseminating of information on firearms without government approval, with a fine of up to $1 million and 20 years in prison. If TPP passes, what “cooperation” will be demanded on the right to bear arms?

Is this the New World Order in its infancy? Many have been ridiculed for discussing the loss of national sovereignty, destruction of the middle class, and the threat to control of production. This agreement opens a window to corporate control to all aspects of our lives including healthcare, land use, and even the environment. It could allow other countries to set our environmental laws, and in turn, take our economy to levels lower than ever seen before.

When looked at over the years, what has happened in the past seems to be the prerequisites of the TPP. Open borders, attempts to devalue the dollar, internet control, banking, even the Supreme Court and DOJ are turning more and more to international law for decisions. Was the Socialist Occupy movement, so lauded in the media, a preview of what is to come? Is TPP an effort by the elite to attain the New World Order – a socialist utopia against the dream of the American people?

Call your Congressman, call you Senator, tell them not to vote on Obamatrade without allowing the public to see what is in it. The most transparent administration is history has done enough. It is time for the people to remind our politicians that they work for us, and not the other way around.

Senator Sessions discusses the establishment of this monumental Trans-Pacific origination with Laura Ingraham.



  1. I believe there will be a revote on Tuesday. It is giving them time to regroup and pressure the parties to pass this once and for all.

    According to this article, the TPP passed on a symbolic vote because it can not move forward without the TAA (Trans Adjustment Assistance) bill. Congressman Zeldin voted NO for both the TAA and TPP. We need to keep the pressure on the others.

    • As you already probably know, they can never get the votes they need, so now they put it off to July so they can do some more arm twisting It won’t pass, but now is the time for everyone to call congress and let them know they don’t want it.

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