TPP Adds New Global Governance, Potentially Subjects US Citizens to International Tribunals


The TPP or Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty is being passed in secret, so secret, congress has to sign in to read it, can make no notes or take anything away, and sees only some of the agreement since much of it is redacted.

The American people can know NOTHING. These trade deals in the past have taken jobs from Americans and this one proves to be the most massive and most imposing with copyright restrictions, regulations, and outsourcing that are out of our control once TPP is signed.

In order to fast-track, Congress has to agree to dissemble their powers and turn them over to the president who will then negotiate in secret and return to congress insisting on an up-and-down vote. This is an Imperial president we are going to give this authority too.

People pretending they are opposed to the treaty really aren’t with few exceptions. They are political soundbites, and that includes the Democrats. They are pushing it through.

During brief remarks before the Senate, Senator Sessions said,

“Fast-track is an affirmative decision by Congress to suspend several of its most basic powers for the next six years and to delegate those powers to the Executive. A decision of this magnitude should only be made based upon the most thorough debate, the most complete evidence, and the most compelling data provided by proponents on the key questions. The burden of proof rests on the promoters of fast-track to compel three-fifths of the Senate to agree to give up these powers for six full years…”

“Specifically, under the fast-track procedure, the President—not Congress—writes implementing legislation for any yet-unseen global trade pact. That legislation, no matter its contents, cannot be amended in any fashion.”

He elaborated and then briefly noted that he sent a letter to the president two weeks ago asking  how he’d “use this fast track authority” and “what it would mean for American workers.”

Every senator should be demanding answers to these basic questions but they are not, nor is the president answering and that should raise concerns in the senate but it doesn’t for most because they want the deal. It’s unclear if more than a few even read it.

The questions Sen. Sessions asked were:

  • Will it increase or reduce the trade deficit, and by how much?
  • Will it increase or reduce manufacturing employment and wages—including in the auto sector—accounting for jobs lost to imports?
  • Will you make the “living agreement” section public and explain fully the implications of the new global governance authority known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership Commission?
  • Will China be added to this commission?
  • Will you pledge not to issue any executive actions, or enter into any future agreements, impacting the flow of foreign workers into the United States?

We have our answer in Barack Obama’s non-answer to all of these questions but still the Senate will move ahead. Without any question being answered, the Senate wants to shut off debate and suspend their senatorial powers over the treaty so the world’s worst negotiator Barack Obama can negotiate for the U.S. he doesn’t love in secret.

Sen. Sessions said that “because TPP is a “Living Agreement” it can be changed after adoption. Dangerously, it creates a new global governance authority that can add new members, change the terms of the agreement, and potentially even subject U.S. citizens to its rulings—adjudicated in an international tribunal. It also could empower the President, in executive agreements with other countries, to admit more foreign workers into the United States—without ever coming to Congress for approval.”

“The middle class has shrunk and wages are lower today than they were four decades ago,” he said, and we want free trade, but we want a good deal, not a bad deal. Read more…

We need the answers to those questions before it moves ahead but the globalists that fill up Congress seem to care little about our Constitution.