Trade Deal Relinquishes Congressional Authority to a Dictator


When I speak with people about the trade deal, teachers included, I find that no one cares. People have no idea what is going on and barely heard of the trade deal. When you tell them the risks of the deal, they don’t care. These people we voted into congress and the presidency also don’t care because they know the public is bamboozled. Until it affects them, the public will trust the people they put into office.

The trade deal, approved by the Senate 62 to 37, has been written in secret by countless special interest groups, including Hollywood, foreign powers, you name it. It’s Obamacare on speed. We don’t even know how many in Congress actually read it. When asked, these representatives of the people won’t even tell us.

The GOP gave away the authority of Congress over this treaty to an Imperial president who is probably the world’s worst negotiator.

Congress plans to pass companion bill S.995. It’s so general, it could mean anything. If Barack Obama wants to add arms restrictions, some believe he probably can. If he wants to create his North American Union and have free travel with Mexico, modeling the EU, there are those who say he probably can.

Dick Morris said that people don’t understand that in this deal there is a provision in this for free flow of workers like in the EU – unrestricted immigration within these countries in the agreement. Mexico is one.

It’s a way to get his climate change agenda in.

A treaty is equal to a constitutional amendment and can’t be revoked unless every signatory to the deal agreed.

Senator Sessions announced his no vote, saying:

“Stubbornly, our political elites have treated trade as a matter of religion. To them, there is no such thing as a bad deal. They know American workers lose jobs when we allow trading partners to cheat. But they insist it is all for the greater good… We have allowed state-dominated and mercantilist trading partners to maintain their varied and elaborate non-tariff barriers, exporting their unemployment to our shores… This is why the American worker keeps ending up on the losing end.”

Obama, who is famous for giving away the store, will negotiate this treaty, send it to congress and they will not be able to amend it or filibuster. They are little more than perfunctory lap dogs and they are supposed to be our representatives.

It will only take a one-third plus one vote to pass this treaty instead of the usual 67 votes. Congress gave this power away for the next six years and possibly for the unforeseeable future. Once given, it becomes a matter of precedent. While it has been done before, it’s never been done under these circumstances with a socialist White House.

“Under fast-track, Congress transfers its most basic legislative powers to the Executive for six years. Any yet-unseen global pacts, no matter how sweeping, are guaranteed a “fast-track” to congressional adoption. No amendments. No ability to strike any offending provision. And no chance to apply either the 60- or 67-vote thresholds used for important legislation and treaties.

The president won’t even answer simple, basic questions about it. He’s a dictator. How hard can it be to answer a question such as how it will affect jobs for Americans? I’m not a big fan of aggressive unions who think it’s okay to buy a political party, but these people need jobs. Sen. Sessions wanted to know how this deal affects jobs. That’s not a hard question, it’s not a gotcha question, it’s one that needs answering before a bill is passed.

“I asked the President how his fast-tracked proposals would impact jobs, wages, and trade deficits. He would not answer. The bill’s promoters also refused to answer when asked whether their proposal would reduce net manufacturing jobs in the United States. That is because they know it will. Like the South Korean trade deal—which doubled our trade deficit after promises of a trade renaissance—this proposal will widen further our trade deficits and eliminate jobs.”

“The Trans-Pacific Partnership opens our markets to foreign imports, but allows foreign countries to continue closing their market to ours.”

As Senator Sessions said we are engaging with state-dominated partners and there is nothing free about it.

“Our country has not been engaged in reciprocal free trade but, as the Chairman Emeritus of Nucor Steel explained, “the enablement of foreign mercantilism” and “unilateral trade disarmament.” We have allowed state-dominated and mercantilist trading partners to maintain their varied and elaborate non-tariff barriers, exporting their unemployment to our shores.”

It will lock in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Commission which is a global authority that has the power to amend the agreement. We will be led by unelected bureaucrats in other totalitarian governments, Sessions warned.

“Fast-track will also lock into passage a new global governance authority known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership Commission. Chartered with a “Living Agreement,” this new transnational commission will be able to amend the agreement after its adoption. Among other things, this could empower the President to expand the admission of foreign workers without congressional approval. We are creating another unelectable, unaccountable, unanswerable bureaucracy that can tie down and frustrate American sovereignty.”

“Congress is forgetting its duty to improve jobs and wages for Americans,” Sessions said. He believes it will widen the trade deficit and cause a loss of jobs for Americans.


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