Traders in Terror Readying “Protests” at the Super Bowl


Hardcore Marxists of Black Lives Matter and Antifa have an unabashed penchant for violence and terror.

These violent groups engaged in preliminary advertising and marches in St. Paul this past week in preparation for a Super Bowl protest/riot?

They have even issued a travel warning for people of color because they want them to believe police are out gunning for them.

Black Lives Matter is heavily-funded by George Soros and it has been reported by Washington Free Beacon that monies from Hillary Clinton’s failed campaign have gone to Antifa.

Also spreading their hashtag and motto  #We Ready, We Comin’ are the open borders groups on Facebook like United We Dream and the Queer Undocumented Immigration Project.

It’s doubtful they will get to engage in their usual violence because anti-terrorism security is ubiquitous during the Super Bowl.

These two groups, often whitewashed by the media, are domestic terrorist groups although Black Lives Matter also holds peaceful events. Both groups tried to terrorize with banners warning of their coming.


“Superbowl Anti-Racist & Anti-Corporate Coalition,” the Black Lives Matter group, posted an announcement on their Facebook page, warning of the Sunday Super Bowl protest. It’s an Antifa-Aligned group.

On Monday, banners were dropped by members of Black Lives Matter and Antifa during the Super Bowl LII’s media event warning that “#WeReadyWeComin.”

As the two large banners were dropped inside, hundreds of leftist protesters marched in the streets and blocked traffic surrounding the event at the Xcel Energy Center.

They’re anti-Capitalist Marxists with some useful idiots who march with them, ignorant of what they are actually marching for.

BLM Facebook Header

The warning banners are surprising since the football players are doing what they want. They are kneeling and trashing our anthem and flag like good little Marxists in the image of Castro-loving Colin Kaerpernick. The NFL suits are donating huge sums of money to leftist activist groups.

Banners Dropped at Super Bowl Media Day from Unicorn Riot on Vimeo.

Sunday, February 4, is a culmination of week-long marches with a 3pm rally at Peavey Park (Franklin & Chicago Ave), followed by a march to US Bank Stadium,” their Facebook page states.


Black Lives Matter issued a “travel alert” this week warning black people and other people of color to “exercise caution” while visiting the Minneapolis/St. Paul-area for Super Bowl LII.

With outright dishonesty, they declared, “The St. Paul police department is the deadliest department in the state of Minnesota, killing more people annually than any other department in the state,” the group claimed. “African Americans and other people of color are especially at risk.”

Trahern Crews, a spokesman for Black Lives Matter Minnesota, said the group is not discouraging tourists from visiting St. Paul, but they want greater professional repercussions for officers who use unnecessary force.

Crews also noted incidents of police brutality have been alleged across the metro.



We’ve written about the violent Mr. Crews before.

In September 2015, MSNBC anchor and leftist commentator Chris Hayes interviewed Trahern Crews, the St. Paul organizer for Black Lives Matter. Crews was a Green Party (Communist Party) candidate for the St. Paul City Council Ward 1.

He asked Crews if Black Lives Matter activists “hate police officers”.

Hayes specifically referred to the marches in Minnesota in which participants chanted, “Pigs in a blanket fry like bacon! Pigs in a blanket fry like bacon! Pigs in a blanket fry like bacon! Pigs in a blanket fry like bacon! Pigs in a blanket fry like bacon!”

Crews said he doesn’t hate police, not at all, that was a joke. Unsurprisingly, the police said something quite different.


The National Guard, multiple federal agencies, and law enforcement from across the nation have been in Minneapolis since the 26th in preparation for the sporting event.

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