Tragic: BlackLivesMatter, Communist Revolutionaries March in NYC


The day after a New York City police officer, an immigrant from Guyana, was murdered by a career criminal and Black Lives Matter supporter, New York City was filled with uncivil “protesters” looking for unrest.

An army of thousands of revolutionary communists including the infamous BlackLivesMatter group marched openly in the streets of New York City Friday and Saturday advocating for the overthrow of our way of life. Currently, it’s focused against the police and criminal justice system but it is against everything our country stands for because they are America haters. If they can cause anarchy, the system can be changed.

Barack Obama encouraged and supported these leftist revolutionaries this week. Did he know these “protests” were coming? The Leftists were in New York City, Chicago and LA Friday and Saturday.

On Thursday, Barack Obama came out in support of the radical Soros group Black Lives Matter. “We, as a society, particularly given our history, have to take this seriously,” he said. This group is a revolutionary party that aligns with other revolutionaries like and the Nation of Islam.

On Friday Black Lives Matter protested the prison system and police.

The anguished faces of marchers being arrested is all staged for the photo-op.

This is very sad. You look at all these nice looking young people, some educated, with their lives ahead of them and they’ve been buried in far-left ideology which will destroy them and maybe the rest of us as well.


On Saturday, thousands marched through Bryant Park, Washington Park to protest police and the criminal justice system for their communist-backed Rise Up October event. It included If you are not familiar with them, they are the Revolutionary Communist Party. They were joined by BlackLives Matter, The Nation of Islam and communists like Cornel West who teaches here in New York City and Quentin Tarantino.

BLM Baltimore




Carl Dix, co-founder of the Revolutionary Communist Party,



communists rally

Cornel West

Crazy cop


Personally, I’ve seen my last Tarantino movie. If he likes communism so much he needs to go move to Russia.

Quentin in Bryant Park



rev com2



rise up 1





These are prior Black Lives Matter protests.

  • When the Police KILL your family member or your loved one…you can NOT get anything remotely resembling JUSTICE…because the POLICE, the DISTRICT ATTORNEY, the Policeman’s Union and ‘their’ attorneys…and the WHOLE “JUSTICE” SYSTEM are ALL WORKING TOGETHER to PROTECT the MURDEROUS KILLER-COP who took the LIFE of your most loved one, who the ROTTEN SYSTEM ALLOWS to NOT be ACCOUNTABLE for the KILLING of and INNOCENT, UNARMED 24 years of age young man, who was NOT committing any type of a crime, whatsoever…except for the crime of being INTOXICATED in public at a store he had walked to, and the KILLER-COP stopped to do a ‘random loitering check’…and for NO JUSTIFIABLE REASON, the Cop KILLED him…and then the Cops worked together to create ‘their’ narrative of what happened…and ‘they’ ALL LIED and demonized the VICTIM…and ‘they’ put the KILLER-COP back to work, a mere 3 weeks after he KILLED your loved one….when you are left with NO ONE who is going to FIGHT AGAINST this entire CORRUPTED SYSTEM…you may resort to accepting the help of who ever is willing to help you. Suffice to put it this way: IF you got hit by a hit-and-run driver…and a Doctor stops by to ‘save your life’…you do not ask, or even consider what the Doctor’s Political affiliations may be. IF these are the only people who are going to help you FIGHT…when ‘they’ KILL your loved one…you may be willing to accept whatever help you can get, rather than ‘sit-down and shut-up’…while ‘they’ refuse to have an INDEPENDENT, UNBIASED, THOROUGH INVESTIGATION into the KILLING…and the City Attorney and his Assistant, are blocking all efforts to seek the TRUTH and DENYING JUSTICE…what would you do?

    • Shut the fuck up Patricia. Sure, let’s get rid of police. When someone is missing, who will look for that person, you? When there is a horrible car accident….who will help, you? Those same police you hate are there protecting the idiots crying for dead cops. Sure, there are some instances where the police are dead wrong, but the whole black lives movement is based on a fucking lie. So, shout all you want, you’re just another idiot. Go back out and make a new sign.

    • Patricia,

      I notice you’ve not responded to Sara’s very simple question. You might also want to consider that leaders of the NYC protest were COMMUNISTS. Maybe go back and check some recent history and see if you can find a COMMUNIST REGIME that DID NOT INCLUDE A JACKBOOTED POLICE STATE. Careful with whom you keep company, and what you wish for.
      Research the term “useful idiot”.